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#TBT: Top 5 Creative Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2012


On this Throwback Thursday, we look back on one of our favorite posts from four years ago. At EverSpark Interactive, we love seeing the best of the best in creative digital marketing. These campaigns were simply stunning while they were active. If you look at recent marketing campaigns, you will likely notice a massive shift in targeting. While the campaigns from 2012 are heavily reliant of desktop web browsing and social media, current campaigns are all about mobile apps and browsing. You can see our favorite current digital marketing campaigns here. Without further ado, here are the best creative digital marketing campaigns of 2012:

2012 Digital Marketing Campaigns

As social media and online marketing become more prevalent, we are starting to see some really interesting and creative marketing ideas. Here, I’m going to share with you just a few examples of ad campaigns and apps from the past couple years that really caught my attention.


1. Intel: “Museum of Me” App

This app was apparently brainstormed and written down on a cocktail napkin by Intel execs during a meeting in Hong Kong. Essentially, Intel takes all of your information on Facebook (keeping it all private of course) and makes a mock museum exhibit out of it. The “exhibit” includes photos of your closest friends, and photos and videos you have posted. There is also a “room” in the exhibit that displays your most posted words.


Intel’s Facebook page that leads you to the Museum of Me


Opening Page for the Museum of Me


Overall, the app is an advertisement for their new (at the time) Core i5 Processor in 2011. The reviews from several sources claim the app to be creepy, unnerving, and narcissistic, including the reviews by PC World and Gizmodo. But…


The Photo portion of my own personal Museum of Alissa


I totally disagree since no one sees this video unless you want them to. And all the media in the video is your own. Regardless of what you think, it’s definitely worth a try. Please comment below if you try it and let me know what you thought!


2. American Express: Small Business Saturday


The Small Business Saturday Facebook Page


Small Business Saturday (SBS) was a campaign started by American Express in 2010 to encourage people to shop at their local small businesses the day after Black Friday (Small Business Saturday). I really love this campaign because it is a completely social campaign. On the SBS website, American Express encourages businesses to offer deals on Foursquare and connect with their customers via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is not to mention the fact that SBS was purely publicized on Facebook and the internet (unless of course media or the news picked up the story about it).

The past SBS saw 100 million attendees all over the country. Supporters of the cause include New York City mayor Bloomberg and President Obama. Obama stated his support this past year ,saying: “Through events such as Small Business Saturday, we keep our local economies strong and help maintain an American economy that can compete and win in the 21st century.”

I really love this whole campaign because it was completely digital and garnered buzz around its unique idea. This message is especially important in our current economy and it’s great to see so many people come to support a cause that everyone across the US can sympathize with. I encourage everyone to go “like” the Facebook page and support small businesses in your area! (Because no one else has a Banana Pudding Pop like King of Pops or sells great produce like the DeKalb Farmers Market, right?)


3. Miracle Whip: “We’re not for Everyone” Campaign

This Miracle Whip campaign was launched this past summer 2011. I specifically like the “Not for Every Relationship” contest they paired with the campaign online. Basically, Miracle Whip encouraged couples to tell their story about how Miracle Whip brought them together or tore them apart. The winners would receive $25,000 towards a marriage…or a divorce.



The contest created a lot of buzz due to its rather odd idea. Many naysayers blamed Kraft for supporting divorce. Regardless of whether the contest was moral, it did generate the buzz and activity that Miracle Whip was hoping for. In my opinion, (just like the campaign states) people either love or hate Miracle Whip, so why wouldn’t it be the cause of some marriages and divorces? It was pretty near impossible for me to find the winner’s video, but check out their promotional video with the priest and attorney above.


4. Converse: “The Sampler” App

This app is really neat and is just a cool example of the augmented reality that Converse launched in 2010. This technology has been around for some time, so it’s great to see brands utilizing it for creative marketing efforts. The Converse app allows you to “try on” their shoes and order them from the app or show the picture to family and friends. I personally like the Jack Purcell ones I “tried on” here.


Me using the app and “trying on” the Converse by Jack Purcell shoes


Pretty simple concept, but really cool idea because  what if you just can’t be bothered with going to mall to try these shoes on for real? Check out the video below and then try the app for yourself and let us know what you think!



5. Mini Cooper: Getaway Stockholm 2010


The Mini Getaway Stockholm app


Now I’m partially biased already because I drive a Mini, but this is definitely one of the more creative mobile apps/digital contests I’ve seen. Essentially, Mini developed an app that hid a “virtual” Mini Cooper. The GPS on the app located the Mini and any other competitors around you. A person with the app open could “steal” the Mini from someone if they were 50 meters or closer to them.


When you get close enough to the virtual Mini you can virtually “take” it


Once you obtained the Mini, the app advised you to “Getaway” and a chase of fellow competitors would usually ensue (because if they got within 50 meters of you they could steal the Mini too). The competition went on for a week all over Stockholm and the person who had the “virtual” Mini won a new Mini Countryman.

The app and contest were primarily meant to promote the new Mini Countryman  (new at the time in 2010) – the first Mini Cooper with 4 doors. More than 11,000 people took part in the contest in several unique ways (ie. Helicopter). This app and totally unique marketing concept is definitely one of my favorites (video). The gamification of a contest that really united the city of Stockholm for a week is something that is hard to do and doesn’t happen very often. I encourage you to check out the case study I posted of it below!


How’s Your Marketing Campaign?

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