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Last week Google announced that they’re in the midst of testing yet another search engine feature designed to make all of our online lives a bit easier and hopefully more efficient in the process. Google’s new experiment involves the implementation of overlays that contain additional information related to your specific search result. The overlay panels are quite detailed and useful, helping users find more information about a site before clicking over for a closer look. Unfortunately, at the moment whichever site you’re searching for needs to have a Wikipedia article, but depending on how the test goes and whether or not the public has

Last week Bing announced that they’ve recently begun testing Favicons in their search results. Now at first, the word ‘favicon’ may not sound too familiar, but trust me, if you’ve ever visited sites like Amazon, Facebook, Paypal, or Google, you’ve seen Favicons plenty of times before . . . even if you didn’t already know them by name. Similar to the idea of bookmarking, the word ‘Favicon’ is short for ‘Favorites Icon.’ Favicons are those small square images - usually no bigger than 16 pixels - displayed next to your website URL or on your open tabs in your browser. They’re also seen

While many SEOs and businesses religiously follow the Official Google Blog as well as Google Webmaster Central and Google Inside Search blogs to keep up with any recent algorithmic changes to the search engine ranking system, few actually know how it works.  Google recently posted a video in an effort to illuminate that very process, and after watching closely we think that there are several things worth paying close attention to. Google Lets Us “Look Under the Hood” Even if its just a small change to the algorithm, Google goes through a rigorous scientific and collaborative (across multiple departments – analysis, engineering, etc) process to

If there is one thing we can say will help you convert clicks into sales (and possibly will help you rank higher, as some say Google looks for it when deciding rankings - especially since the Panda update), it is a good user experience.  However, good user experience is a vague and unspecific goal to reach for, especially when you are use to thinking more like a website admin than like a user. A typical internet user is kind of like a finicky shopper in the mall (we have all been the finicky website browser at one time or another) – this shopper has

The search engines love when your site provides a good user experience. What better way to improve user experience than to provide entertaining, informative and engaging images? Remember, don’t keep too many images and videos on your home page – this will slow down your page’s load speed – but a moderate amount can be beneficial to your site’s rankings in the SERPs. Image rankings The Google crawlers cannot understand images in themselves. In fact, the search engines rely on the data you input with the image to discern what it is. For example, the copy surrounding the image, the file name, alt text, and