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How much traffic do you get from YouTube? Would you like more? Last time I talked about why YouTube content matters and how it can drive traffic to your site. But you’ll get a lot more out of it if your videos and channel are optimized. So how do you optimize a YouTube channel? Tony Edward gives a great overview in his recent article. Here are some of Tony’s top tips and a few notes of our own. #1 Get the basics right One of the first things Tony talks about is establishing a YouTube “presence.” In many ways this just comes down to branding,

We all know Google is the biggest search engine in the world. But what’s the second biggest? If you said Bing, you might be wrong. Everyone’s favorite video site, YouTube, could actually get more searches—which means that ranking your content on YouTube is both vital, and challenging. That’s the perspective behind an insanely helpful new article by Tony Edward, all about how to rank your videos on YouTube. Why YouTube Ranking Matters If you’re already doing well in the regular Google results—or at least moving up the chain—does it really matter whether you have video content, and how discoverable it is on YouTube? We strongly