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With Google + only weeks or months away from public release, we all knew this question was coming. The +1 button, which was released by the search engine in early June (pre-Google +), allows users to essentially suggest their favorite sites to their Google contacts (and will presumably be fully integrated with Google + in the future). It only makes sense that, once this integration takes place, the sites with more +1s are the sites that are going to show up higher in the SERPs because they are voted, by their users, as relevant and authoritative. Google As a Google user, you aren’t going to

Google has asked businesses not to use Google+ for entrepreneurial purposes…yet. The current version of Google’s newest social network is not properly outfitted for corporate interactions, but rest assured: it will be. Though some businesses have jumped the gun and created profiles already, Google has asked that the new social network be used for purely social interaction until it is further developed. Google + Business Profiles: The Future of Online Marketing? Since I finally received my invite to join the network, I have been playing around a lot with the Google + features. Thinking in business terms, there are a few features that would be

Yesterday, Google officially launched its social network, Google +. Right now, the network is by invitation only, but it will soon be universally available. The question is, will Google + become Facebook’s newest and biggest rival? Is Google + going to be to Facebook what Facebook was to mySpace (that is, a force that eclipses the competition)? We don’t think so, but we are open to other opinions:   we asked a similar question on our Facebook page – we would love your input, so shoot on over and tell us what you think. What will Google + be? Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering