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The Q3 Report from Efficient Frontier came out this week, and it reports primarily on paid search trends, as well as on Google’s market share, Search Spend, Facebook trends and some mobile (tablets) trends. This information helps search engine marketers to better understand where the best value is, where to concentrate their efforts, and an accurate percentage of who they are reaching with their efforts in these different areas. So, let’s talk turkey (in this case, delicious numbers).     Important Findings Overall, this report reveals many positives for those in the search engine optimization and marketing industries. Let’s have a look at the specifics (all data

The +1 button is coming along nicely since its advent in March. And, we’re finding that our comparisons of Google’s button with Facebook’s “like” button (which is, by the way, soon to be replaced by all kinds of gestures) were absolutely on point. Why? Because, according to a post made yesterday on Google’s Inside AdWords blog, the +1 button will start showing up on display ads.       How is this Similar to Facebook? Rather than telling you, I figured I would just show you (yes I know, I promised I would cut down on screenshots of my Facebook profile. I lied):   As you can see, on Facebook,

It can be difficult sometimes to remove our SEO “hats” and understand how the search marketing industry is viewed by others. Though SEO’s importance to the marketing world has only increased since its nascence, many discount it as ineffective or not worth their time. To counter this belief, here are some reasons why small businesses need SEO to improve their marketing efforts.   Small Businesses Need SEO For small businesses, any competitive edge in today’s technological world can increase revenue. However, getting this edge can be difficult, especially when it comes to converting website visitors into new customers. That’s why it is important for business owners

As we head into the holiday weekend, when, let’s face it, many of us will be spending inordinate amounts of time surfing Facebook (except me, of course…), let’s discuss a new Facebook features that could affect your business presence on the recently overhauled social network.     What is “People Are Talking About This?" It’s a new metric on Facebook. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on a business page:     This is the EverSpark business page on Facebook. As you can see, Facebook indicates that “11 people are talking about this.” It’s a good way for Facebook to help business do some brand monitoring. It is still

The Webmaster Tools and Analytics integration is here after nearly four months as a limited beta release. In June, Google introduced this new type of reporting, which takes take information from Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries Data and brings them to Google Analytics to provide an easy to access report about important factors for a site’s SEO.       In our June 7th blog post, “Google Announces New Pilot: SEO Reports with Analytics,” we talked about the promise of these new reports, noting that they would be able to provide detailed data which webmasters could use to build more effective SEO strategies. We promised we would keep

The importance of mobile advertising has increased and will continue to increase with the staggering popularity of smartphones (after all, Apple just announced the release of the newest version of the iPhone, the 4S). The high number of smartphone users has led to increased popularity of catering advertisements to an incredibly large and ever-growing mobile audience, and will continue to do so according to a recent eMarketer Press Release.   What Does the Report Say? Mobile advertising spend is predicted to generate more than one billion dollars in revenue, according to eMarketer; further, the connection is made between this new development and the increasing popularity of smartphones