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Over the past six months a clarion has been sounded about making websites "mobile friendly." This push was driven in large part by Google's new mobile search algorithm, which penalizes sites that don't meet its mobile friendliness standards. And the push seems to have paid off---more businesses now have mobile friendly sites than ever before. Hopefully that means your business now uses "responsive design," a web design method that takes a single website and automatically reformats it to fit a user's device. That means users won't have to squint to read your text or constantly resize the screen to see everything on it. However, Will Scott just wrote an

By now you know that Google penalizes sites that aren't mobile friendly, and how to prepare your site so you're not one of the casualties. So far, however, the focus in the SEO community hasn't gone much farther than that---being mobile friendly is good enough to keep your search ranking, so it's all you need, right? A new article by Bryson Meunier explores how we can go beyond that. Bryson points out that being mobile friendly is the bare minimum of what it takes to avoid a penalty. He asks how we can make mobile sites even better, and what effects that may have, both for