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Google recently made a major change in how its knowledge graph works. As reported by Search Engine Land, the knowledge graph now links to the main site of companies it features. Knowledge graph is the "info box" that provides helpful quick answers in the search results. When you search for a brand by name, the knowledge graph shows key information like their address, phone number and logo---but until recently, didn't link to their main site. Now, the URL appears just below the company name, as a clickable link. Here's an example using CBS: This may seem like a minor change, but it's an important one. Major websites

Most of the time, SEO teams have to play a guessing game---can we predict how Google's algorithm works, or what they'll do next? While SEOs have a good intuitive sense of what ranks well, and conduct a lot of research of our own, the algorithm remains top secret. We never get to "look behind the curtain." But what if we did---or more accurately, what if Google is already giving away its secrets in public documents? That's more or less the idea behind a great new piece from Barbara Starr, who has been sleuthing through patents for Google's search technology. Google files a lot of these (no surprise there), and they

As several media outlets have reported, Google just made a seemingly small but very significant change to how companies show up in its search results. When you search for a brand by name, the "knowledge graph" beside the results will now display the company's social media accounts, making it easy to click through to any of them. (This isn't automatic for all businesses, however; we'll tell you how to get yours included below.) This is quite a change for Google. Previously the search engine only showed a link to a brand's G+ page, which made a certain kind of sense since it promoted the use