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Google announced two new features for Google Plus on Sept. 9: easier Google Authorship authentication and embeddable Plus posts. While these are seemingly minor upgrades, both offer a competitive edge to webmasters and business owners who want to score big traffic. Here's how. Easier Authorship Authorship is nothing new, but it's still far from widespread. For the uninitiated, Google Authorship allows you to link articles or web pages to an author profile. While this sounds trivial, it changes how your article shows up in search results. And that affects traffic. Once a page has an Authorship attribution, it stands out instantly from other search results. Instead

Despite its recent revamp and Google’s recent claim that 150 million people had “upgraded” (a vague way to say that 150 million people are on Google Plus, sort of using it, sort of not) to Google Plus, the fledgling social network cannot quite count itself in the big leagues yet. Why not? Because, according to an article published yesterday by eMarketer, Google Plus still struggles to make itself relevant despite its importance to personalized search.   It's an uphill battle for Google's social network.   According to eMarketer, “…in spite of its fast growth in user numbers, the service has not enjoyed the stickiness of other top

“Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google” – These are the words used by Google to explain why a total revamp to Google Plus was rolled out today. With all the Facebook + Instagram news and other social media buzz lately, Google Plus has kind of fallen by the wayside newswise. Well, Google was not havin’ that, so now we have a new Google Plus. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. What do you think? Surprise! Maybe this revamp frightened me at first because it totally came out of nowhere. I was NOT expecting to sign in and experience something totally different.

Since the inception of Google’s social network, there has been debate about where it fits into the current social media landscape. Since the debut of “Search Plus Your World,” (and, quite honestly, before that), many of us have been aware that, though the network has faced setbacks and lackluster usage, in a lot of ways it has been a success (especially when compared to previous Google efforts in the social arena). First, Google Plus has allowed for authors to put their faces to their content with the rel=author connection. It has also allowed celebrities and larger companies to host “hangouts” with their followers,

A little bit of both, in fact. Though your Facebook and Twitter pages may not directly contribute to your SEO efforts in the way that say, link-building does, having a wide footprint online helps Google dub you an authority in your field. Google Plus, the underdog social network, may have a more direct effect on your SEO efforts. Everspark has started to pay more attention to our clients’ holistic presences online - including their social media mastery. You may be asking, “You guys are all about SEO. What could social media have to do with anything?” Our answer is that social media is important

In the last couple of weeks, several changes have taken place across the web – from search to social media – that reflect rising trends on the internet as a whole. Simplicity is a characteristic shared by both the Google +1 button changes and the Twitter redesign.     Google + 1 Button Goes Simple Recently, the Google +1 button has been creating quite the hullabaloo. There was a great deal of confusion because the numbers showing up were different in different places (for instance, on a website and in that website’s analytics). Now, the +1 is making headlines for its recent aesthetic change in the search