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Ever notice that your favorite local coffee shop isn't on Google Maps? Or have a hard time finding a business you know is nearby, because they're not listed? That's the problem that Google Map Maker was created to solve. And now, after being shuttered for months, Map Maker is coming back. The idea behind Map Maker is simple: you probably know more about your neighborhood than Google does. So if you and other people in your community start adding businesses, monuments, street names or other features to Google Maps, they'll be more complete worldwide. Of course that also invites troublemakers. When anyone can add items to a map, a competitor could

If you've ever relied on Google driving directions for a long road trip, you know how frustrating it can be to lose your data signal. Even in the US there are long stretches of highway with weak or nonexistent cell connections, and when traveling internationally the signal can be even more inconsistent. Unfortunately, unless you have wifi or data, you'll find that you can get driving directions from Google Maps---and that can be a real problem. Which is why Google has decided it's time for a change. At its I/O conference, the company announced a small but extremely useful new feature: Google Maps will offer search and turn

Search Engine Land has reported a number of changes in the online mapping industry, including buyouts and the disappearance of some Google Maps products for enterprises. These changes aren’t going to affect the directions Siri gives you on the way to a meeting, but they will change the landscape of geospatial services available. So what’s new? Here’s a rundown. No More Maps Engine Most people have never heard of Maps Engine, but if you do any kind of mapping you have. Maps Engine was Google’s product for businesses that need to layer data on top of the free, well trusted Google Maps platform. One snag: they’re

Well, Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, and as such we are busy looking up travel arrangements as well as planning our leisurely activities. Two features we have found very helpful in these endeavors are Google’s “Best Guess” (one of Google’s best kept secrets, in my opinion) and Google Maps Check-Ins. Best Guess When we were thinking about leisure and down time for this upcoming long weekend, we thought of a movie we have been dying to know the specifics about: The Tree of Life. Having not heard anything about its release date lately, we turned to Google and found this: This feature has seemingly been