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In the last couple of weeks, several changes have taken place across the web – from search to social media – that reflect rising trends on the internet as a whole. Simplicity is a characteristic shared by both the Google +1 button changes and the Twitter redesign.     Google + 1 Button Goes Simple Recently, the Google +1 button has been creating quite the hullabaloo. There was a great deal of confusion because the numbers showing up were different in different places (for instance, on a website and in that website’s analytics). Now, the +1 is making headlines for its recent aesthetic change in the search

Ever since Google + arrived on the social media scene and the +1 button continued to receive updates (becoming faster and more useful), we have known this day way coming. And now, it has finally arrived (well, it did yesterday). Google has fully integrated its version of the Facebook like with its fast-growing social network. Google inches closer to world domination with this latest integration. What does this mean? Since its June launch for websites, tech-bloggers and webmasters have been anticipating an expanded functionality for the +1 button. According to Google, more than a million sites utilize the button, which has garnered more than 4 billion

With Google + only weeks or months away from public release, we all knew this question was coming. The +1 button, which was released by the search engine in early June (pre-Google +), allows users to essentially suggest their favorite sites to their Google contacts (and will presumably be fully integrated with Google + in the future). It only makes sense that, once this integration takes place, the sites with more +1s are the sites that are going to show up higher in the SERPs because they are voted, by their users, as relevant and authoritative. Google As a Google user, you aren’t going to

After its launch in March, Google's new +1 feature has slowly been growing as more websites begin to include the button on their home pages. It has fully taken hold now and is becoming more widespread across the web. We previously discussed+1 in our video blog, "What is Google plus one?" back when Google was getting ready to launch its foray into the social networking world. The revolutionary button is similar to Facebook's "Like" feature and allows you to see what sites and ads your Gmail contacts like. What is it like? Let’s first talk about what happens when you want to +1 a site