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On this Throwback Thursday, we look back on one of our favorite posts from four years ago. At EverSpark Interactive, we love seeing the best of the best in creative digital marketing. These campaigns were simply stunning while they were active. If you look at recent marketing campaigns, you will likely notice a massive shift in targeting. While the campaigns from 2012 are heavily reliant of desktop web browsing and social media, current campaigns are all about mobile apps and browsing. You can see our favorite current digital marketing campaigns here. Without further ado, here are the best creative digital marketing campaigns of

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. On the one hand it's an easy way to stay in touch with friends, everyone you know is on it, and it offers a fun way to kill a few spare minutes at work. On the other hand it's a time suck and best known for its extremely questionable use of personal data. But that data also allows it to expand into surprising new fields---and the latest is to offer a calling service. That comes in the form of Hello, Facebook's new app. The app is designed to show you who's calling before you pick

Facebook has always been a way for people to stay connected with other people, but in recent years it has also become a prime news source as users share news articles on the social network. Now Facebook is altering its News Feed to identify and suggest news stories based on users’ consumption behaviors. For those producing news, Facebook's newest update is something to pay special attention to. The News Feed algorithm is undergoing some helpful changes that are designed to put more high-quality content in Facebook users' feeds more often. The algorithm change will work to track users' interests and provide relevant content in

Despite its recent revamp and Google’s recent claim that 150 million people had “upgraded” (a vague way to say that 150 million people are on Google Plus, sort of using it, sort of not) to Google Plus, the fledgling social network cannot quite count itself in the big leagues yet. Why not? Because, according to an article published yesterday by eMarketer, Google Plus still struggles to make itself relevant despite its importance to personalized search.   It's an uphill battle for Google's social network.   According to eMarketer, “…in spite of its fast growth in user numbers, the service has not enjoyed the stickiness of other top

“Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google” – These are the words used by Google to explain why a total revamp to Google Plus was rolled out today. With all the Facebook + Instagram news and other social media buzz lately, Google Plus has kind of fallen by the wayside newswise. Well, Google was not havin’ that, so now we have a new Google Plus. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. What do you think? Surprise! Maybe this revamp frightened me at first because it totally came out of nowhere. I was NOT expecting to sign in and experience something totally different.

Most everyone has heard by now: Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 billion dollars. Many were surprised about this move, even the investors in Instagram themselves (who doubled their money overnight, might we add). So, why is this such a big deal, and what will happen to Instagram now that Mark Zuckerberg has it in his clutches?   Instagram The app was founded  by two Stanford Grads, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Right away the start-up got funding from a Venture capital firm and launched their app in 7 months. Within the first week Instagram had 200,000 users. Users grew at an exponential rate with

A little bit of both, in fact. Though your Facebook and Twitter pages may not directly contribute to your SEO efforts in the way that say, link-building does, having a wide footprint online helps Google dub you an authority in your field. Google Plus, the underdog social network, may have a more direct effect on your SEO efforts. Everspark has started to pay more attention to our clients’ holistic presences online - including their social media mastery. You may be asking, “You guys are all about SEO. What could social media have to do with anything?” Our answer is that social media is important

Whether you like it or not, the new timeline has come out for businesses. Though it is voluntary for businesses to change over to the new format right now, it will be mandatory for all pages come March 3oth. Some companies are still skeptical, but others are embracing it in a big way. After all, timeline provides an easier way to promote a narrative story about your company, which is important for connecting with audiences. You can show the milestones your company has reached to the world, and thereby gain brand advocates who like where your company has come from and how it

In early September 2011, Facebook launched the new timeline feature exclusively to app developers. By December, the timeline had been made public. As of today, Facebook users have the option to adopt the new timeline or keep Facebook’s older format until Mark Zuckerberg’s soon-to-be public company decides to make the new changes permanent for all users. The new timeline for users looks like this: Timeline: New Features New features include the large cover photo above the fold that you see first when looking at a user’s page. On the right there is an actual timeline with years so that people can click on a specific

It’s only the second day of February and we’re ready to get a running start on the month with tons of interactive marketing news. Yesterday, as Google + reportedly hit 100 million users, Facebook filed for its $5 billion IPO. $5 billion is less than originally predicted, but still manages to make Facebook’s filing – if Mark Zuckerberg and is team raises the money – one of the biggest tech IPOs ever. Facebook and Google +… The Future of the Online World? While many people – like users on our Facebook page - view this as the next web bubble, sure to pop soon (we