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Last time I covered a whole new set of suggestions for making great content that builds links for online stores. But it isn’t just -commerce that relies on content-driven SEO: everyone, from law firms to local restaurants, can leverage content marketing for big traffic boosts. At least, most of the time. What if you’re putting out all the content, and seeing no return? A new in-depth article from Derek Edmond has you covered. Derek expects his content campaigns to bring more traffic and improved SEO, and when it doesn’t, he does some serious snooping. Here is an overview of his approach, and the science of content marketing

A lot of people would tell you that keywords don't matter anymore in SEO. That's not true---keywords are still bread and butter---but it is a fact that you have to be much more careful about how you work them into your content. Today's search engines reward strong, valuable, well written content that real users will like. The content itself is the sundae, and the keyword is the cherry on top. Unfortunately it can be hard to work top keywords into great content without making it, well, less great. And it's always hard to know what kind of content is best for a given keyword---what topics, how specific, long

You can't get more than two steps into the SEO world without being told you have to create valuable content for your website---the more the better. But most SEO companies and resources spend little time explaining what exactly makes content valuable or how to create it. Nate Dame recently pointed out that even Google and Bing's content guidelines are painfully vague, and set out to list 20 specific factors that make content valuable. Nate's list is a great one, and we wanted to call out a few of his points that are particularly important (as well as a couple we don't completely agree with). Let's start with the gems. 3

Content, content, content. If you're up to date on the latest trends in SEO and online marketing right now, you've heard that content is king and that “content marketing” is what it takes to grab search engine traffic. But what does that mean? Content has become one of the vaguest terms in the business world, but when people talk about it in an SEO context it means high-quality, valuable content. In other words, “content” is the stuff that visitors to your site will find useful, funny and/or thought-provoking. That can come in many forms, but it has to be easy for them to find