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Stop SOPA + New AdWords Capability Reflects Important 2012 SEO Strategy

A word before we begin: Please take a minute to protest the SOPA and PIPA bills, which aim to censor the internet. Tell your congressperson that you will not be censored before they vote on January 24th, and stand up for the rights of internet users everywhere.   Join the noise on twitter by hashtagging your comments with #stopSOPA. Get your voice heard and, as Google says, “End Piracy, not Liberty.” Also, take action here.




Now, to get back down to business…

Mobile Optimization and AdWords

And what might that strategy be, you ask? Mobile optimization, I answer. And new changes to AdWords mobile targeting allow you to target a more expansive audience than ever before. If you  use Adwords already, you’ll notice new options are available in your Campaign Settings.

With past surveys claiming that by 2015, over 4 billion dollars will be spent on mobile advertising, many SEOs have entered 2012 with the goal of increasing and improving their mobile strategies. While focusing on local and mobile optimization is important, it is definitely advisable for many businesses to invest in mobile advertising.  Google’s AdWords just made that process a whole lot more effective, methinks.

It’s been the case for awhile that when you run an AdWords campaign, you can specifically target mobile devices.  Already, advertisers could run mobile campaigns (separate from desktop ones), target tablets, and target specific cell phone service providers and operating platforms.  Now, Google announced yesterday, advertisers can target WiFi surfers, as well as specific cell phone operating systems, broken up more granularly.

If you want to target your ad to mobile device users that are connected to higher-speed connections like WiFi, you now can. Google explains, “If you’re currently targeting users on specific mobile carriers, you can now target users on WiFi connections too, and expand your reach. This is also useful if your campaign or landing page has high bandwidth content, like videos that you’d like mobile users to access.” So, since so many people have and utilize the WiFi on their smartphones, you can target all cell phone carriers and their WiFi users, and reach a great deal more people with even more engaging content that you maybe would not have been able to use before the WiFi targeting.

Further, if you want to advertise to IPhones, you can target iOS. You could do that before. But now, you can advertise to people with different versions of iOS. So, if you are already targeting AT&T users, why not take it a step further and target IPhone users with iOS version 4.0 or higher, if you feel they would most relate to what you are advertising?

Why Is This Important?

The more granular the targeting, the better. Targeting mobile users as much as possible is important, and will become even more so as technology advances and mobile SEO becomes even more significant to the advertising and marketing worlds.

In a time when many people use their cell phones to find out what’s going on around them and to search for particular services they can find while on the go, the mobile audience is ever-growing. This audience makes up a large portion of many businesses’ potential customer bases, and an easy way to reach them is through mobile advertising.

3 Tips for Mobile SEO in 2012

(1.) First and foremost, make sure you have a mobile version of your website. This version should be simpler than your desktop version, and include a call-to-action and all pertinent information. For instance, if you own a restaurant, your mobile website should likely only include a link to your menu, your phone number and address. Maybe throw in links to your social media accounts if you are active. Remember, people will be on the go when checking you out on their mobile phones, and are more likely to stay on your site if it is simple, straight-forward and gives them exactly what they’re looking for.
(2.) Second, obviously it would be helpful to run a targeted mobile ad campaign if you can. If the money just isn’t in the budget right now, use these following SEO tip until it is.
(3.) Third,optimize your mobile site for localized keywords. If you are a restaurant in Atlanta, try optimizing for “restaurants in Inman Park,” etc. This way, you’ll get more targeted traffic, and you’ll get the attention of those ready to utilize your services rather than just browse. Remember, the point of optimization is to bring in more leads and traffic – not just to gain high-rankings!


More Information

Want to learn more about mobile SEO? About AdWords? Need help understanding what optimization is all about? Check back with our blog for regular updates about what’s going on in the interactive marketing world, as well as for free SEO and social media tips. If you have questions that are more specifically related to your business, give us a call to speak with an expert today at 770-481-1766.

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