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Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

It can be difficult sometimes to remove our SEO “hats” and understand how the search marketing industry is viewed by others. Though SEO’s importance to the marketing world has only increased since its nascence, many discount it as ineffective or not worth their time. To counter this belief, here are some reasons why small businesses need SEO to improve their marketing efforts.


Small Businesses Need SEO

For small businesses, any competitive edge in today’s technological world can increase revenue. However, getting this edge can be difficult, especially when it comes to converting website visitors into new customers. That’s why it is important for business owners to take steps toward improving (or creating) their SEO strategies. These are the days of “Get Online or Get Out” and simply creating a website is not good enough anymore. For businesses, increasing traffic to websites and converting that traffic into new clients is integral to success. That’s where an effective SEO strategy comes in.


Why Small Businesses Need SEO


When people hear SEO, they tend to think of Technology Whizzes making magic happen somewhere in a basement in Silicon Valley. Perhaps this was true once, but in recent years SEO has become a booming industry that focuses on bringing online traffic to businesses by helping their websites rank high on search engine results. According to Jason Hennessey, our own SEO Company’s CEO and resident SEO expert, “Organic search traffic is both highly targeted and self-sustaining. It is also one of the more cost effective marketing methods. People who use search engines are actively searching for something in particular and what you want to do is capture those people looking for the products or services you provide.”


Research Proves Search Marketing and Optimization Importance

In 2010, digital advertising became the top generator of revenue for advertising agencies and small businesses (according to It’s 2011, and the digital age has seized mostly every business sector, especially the smaller businesses that compete daily with giant agencies. By maximizing online promotions, small businesses gain more clients and spend less money. It is that simple. Don’t believe me? Well consider this summer’s  research that revealed that email and search were two common activities performed – on a daily basis, 6 in 10 adults reportedly search online and checked email. That research also revealed that over 90% of people find things on the Web via search engines (with more than half doing so on a daily basis). Also consider the recent eMarketer report that revealed that by 2015, 40% of mobile ad spending will go towards search marketing.


What This Proves

Why is this information important, and why does it matter where a business ranks on the SERPs? When a business is ranked number one on the search results, it is viewed as an established and well-reputed authority and rises above its competition. After all, the number one position on the search engine results receives around 56% of clicks. The second position receives about 13% and the third position somewhere around 9%. With the right SEO tactics, a small business can achieve the coveted number one spot and therefore not only bring in an enormous amount of new traffic to its website but also convert this traffic into clients. For small businesses with relatively little exposure, this kind of ranking can be integral for success.

Additionally, for companies with small budgets, optimizing online advertising can help maximize benefits from the money spent by reaching target audiences faster. For example, a small agency might optimize for Google Places, which is essentially free advertising. Someone in need of your services within the local area of the business is likely to see it among top three positions on the map and inquire about its services.


Summing Up

Instead of using money and traditional advertising to appeal to the ever-technologically wise general population, small companies can use affordable tactics to target a specific audience online. By placing themselves at the top of the search engine results, they can reach those people who are seeking their specific services. Moreover, more than 80% of people will click on one of the first three links that appear in their search engine results. If small agencies use the correct keywords, Search Engine Optimization can bring them to the top of the search engine rankings and therefore attract this large amount of traffic. Targeting the appropriate traffic is as simple as learning the basics of SEO, and knowing that combined with good, high-quality content, other SEO factors can help bring a business to the top. As Jason points out: “A focus on keyword terms and phrases as well as a targeted link building program helps to not only improve the type of traffic clicking through your pages, but also helps your website rankings within the search engine results. And that in turn will be good for your profits.”

Given all of this, still only a small percentage of marketers and small businesses see Search Engine Optimization as a strategy for success. That means that many still do not utilize this vital tool. That’s why now is the best time for small companies to implement SEO strategies and successfully compete with bigger companies.


More Information

If you are looking to learn more about Search Engine Optimization or anything else related to the search marketing space, please visit our blog for daily updates on current events as well as for free tips for getting your business to the top of the Google search results. For more specific questions related to your business, contact our SEO Company now at 770-481-1766.


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