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Site Tracking: What Are My Customers Looking For?

1. One easy way to find out what they are searching for on your site is to add a “search site” button. Offered by Google.

2. After adding the “search site” button this will allow you to access the Google Analytics. In order to do this you need to login in to the Google Analytics account and enable tracking.

3. Being able to use site tracking will enable you to see not only what the customer is searching but what pages were found, what keywords they used, what the visitors who searched found and those who didn’t and how many times a visitor had to refine their search. These are just a couple of possibilities of site tracking.

4. Google Analytics will give you a chart showing you the duration time on each page visited, bounce rate, visitors who search and those who did not, and number of visits.

5. There is also a search refinement page. This will show you if a visitor refines their search because they are not satisfied with the results. This will allow you to fix the problem and provide more and better results related to the searched keyword.

6. If you have a high bounce rate this indicates that they are not satisfied with the search results. This is a great opportunity to fix the problem.

7. This whole process will help you increase your ROI overall. You will be meeting your customers’ needs without them knowing.