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Sharing in a Micro-Moment, Part 2: How to Win a Micro-Moment

young woman shopping in supermarket

A few weeks back, we introduced the concept of micro-moments and how they can revolutionize your business’s approach to digital marketing.

For those of you that slept through class, a micro-moment is the term for any time a person turns to their mobile device for help. They could be pricing a pair of new running shoes after hitting the gym or researching why their toilet is gushing water, but the type of intent-driven motivation is the same.

In the past, these moments would have ended up condensed. We would have to hold our questions in our brain until we sat down at our computer. Now, that corral is always open, and the slightest impulse to find answers to our burning questions can be satisfied with a mobile search.

This shift to rapid-fire, intent-driven search coupled with the desire for instant gratification revolutionizes the way businesses think about digital marketing. At least, it should. Here is how you can wrap your digital marketing strategy around a world populated with micro-moments, and how to win out on those moments against your competitors.

Think Like a Searcher

Keyword research is always a must, but with micro-moment marketing, it becomes even more critical. You will want to know the exact phrasing and context in which people make a search. With this information in hand, you can craft micro-moments that satisfy searchers’ needs on the fly.

wedding caterer buffet tableFor instance, an event catering service may have once written a post about “The Six Qualities You Need in a Caterer.” Such a search involves in-depth research and consideration, not something someone generally wants to do waiting in line for the bathroom.

Instead, the catering company should consider an intent-driven search need that they can satisfy with their expertise. A post like “Four Ways to Save on Wedding Catering” relates more directly to search intent while winning the company brand affinity in the process.

Consider moments like these, and let them guide your SEO strategy to be a part of micro-moments as they happen.

Offer Content That Gets to the Point

Long-form content has its place, just not in a micro-moment. Instead, you will need to find ways to satisfy audience needs practically instantaneously.

One of the most effective methods is to move your content medium from text to video. Mobile users chew through video since it offers instant gratification and is easier to consume on a small screen than text. You could cross-pollinate by making a 500-800 word post into a two minute video, or vice-versa, but always present someone with the quicker, more readily consumable option.

Alternatives include making posts into infographics, checklists or quick bullet list rundowns that get to the point quickly without any fluff or chaff.

Expect Your Audience to Get Vocal

A lot of micro-momentology is driven by voice-based search functions. Rather than having to type in a question or search query, you can simply say “Hey, Siri!” and have her do your bidding.


30 rock siri kill jenna gif


Adapting to voice search requires a different way of thinking, but it all boils down to thinking about how someone would say rather than type a search term. You will also want your content to answer a deeper question that something like Wikipedia or Google couldn’t cover with a quick knowledge graph solicitation.

Being a Part of All Micro-Moments

EverSpark Interactive can help your business or organization consider all these factors and then tailor your digital marketing strategy around them. Live in people’s micro-moments to become an answer to their needs rather than just another salesperson. Visit our Atlanta SEO and digital marketing services page to learn more.