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If SEO Has Taught Us Anything, It’s the Answer to: “What Time is the Super Bowl?”

Green Turf American Football

Super Bowl 50 is barreling down the horizon, with all of the media hype and commercial sensationalism that comes with it. This event is the special moment that makes warm-blooded Americans rediscover the joy of gathering around their TV all over again.

Naturally, not every brand will have the $6 million-plus to make and air a commercial during this golden prime-time, but brands should be prepared to enter their two cents into the fray as thousands of potential business leads flock online to discuss the big game. Having relevant Super Bowl-themed content available for them can increase interactions while bringing your brand image closer in line to everyday values.

One critical element to posting about the Super Bowl, though: make sure you actually have something to say.

In a Land That Forgot How to Time

Way, way back in 2011, during the Wild West days of SEO when amateur teen pop stars roamed the webiverse and Google spider bots were made from actual spiders (probably), an interesting development occurred. The venerable Huffington Post, source of all that is news on your Facebook feed, did not yet have its critical traffic-driving social element that you see so prominently today. Instead, they took the novel approach of monitoring Google query trends in the hope that a common search term would yield story ideas that meant quick traffic.

In those early, naive days of 2011, one intrepid HuffPost writer named Craig Kanalley was handed down an assignment from on high, based on one search query phrase that happened to appear more than any others: “what time does the Superbowl [sic] start?” A landing page posing as a news story was quickly cobbled up, leading traffic by the mammoth load down the HuffPo’s sweet sweet bandwidth pipes. Detractors and imitators soon followed what has since been dubbed “the most legendary act of SEO trolling ever.”

This endearing story serves as a simultaneous cautionary/inspirational tale to small brands who are still trying to spread their SEO wings. They must be careful to not only find the conversations going on throughout the web, but to also somehow add to them or focalize them into a new context. Contributing rather than cashing in on trending stories is especially important since Google now answers our questions before a web page can.

So, rather than making a webpage just for repeating questions that have already been asked while being very light on meaningful answers, pick a unique angle to take or detail to cover as you try and spark engagement between you and your audience. It could be something about a major NFL player’s legal troubles if you are a law office, or maybe simply a rallying cry for people to weigh in on which team they want to see take home the trophy. No matter what, think beyond clickbait headlines and try to seek out content that is worth reading and sharing to gain true SEO prowess rather than simply being labeled a shameless “SEO troll.”

Let EverSpark Help You Stay Relevant and Avoid Gaffes

Not everyone has the time or the talent to engage their audience with alluring stories, especially when there are so many gametime snacks to make. Luckily for you, we at EverSpark have made doing so our profession.

We can come up with content that is both relevant to your area of expertise while making good use of conversation opportunities that drive interest. Let your fans chew on something more interesting than a declaration of a kickoff time using our Atlanta content marketing services. We would love to help you score the winning drive as a critical part of your team!