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SEO Strategies For 2011

If your company does not track trends in SEO, you can quickly find your page rank slide down. Just as medical professionals are on the move to continually learn about new technologies and procedures, companies must also constantly monitor and adapt to changes in SEO. For companies who have set goals for 2011, today is the day to review the latest trends in SEO and SEM that are ripe for the capitalization of the year to come.


Video Search Marketing (VSM) is a concept that you can expect to become as widespread as SEO. In 2010 there was a significant increase in the use of this marketing strategy, also known as video SEO. Back in 2008 YouTube took the lead from Yahoo as the 2nd biggest search engine in the worlds. This success is extremely important for businesses on the web since it means that consumers prefer a very graphic and interactive way to find what they want on the Internet.

Companies that have capitalized on this style in 2010 attained huge success in motivating traffic to their sites. This is due to the fact that videos which are created and published with the use of keywords, phrases, SEO transcription and back linking are proven to enhance the credibility of the entire site. This is a quite new addition to search engine algorithms, but it is one that has developed into a direct answer on how people use the World Wide Web.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) also known as Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the most dynamic areas of internet marketing. Companies that have relationships with their consumers through social networks have experienced a resurgence of popular interest, and a wave of research results.

Mobile Web Optimization (MWO) can be a complicated procedure, but it can also be extremely rewarding. As consumers increasingly use their mobile devices to surf the internet, mobile search results will become part of increasingly important aspect of search engine optimization.