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SEO Evolution Sparks Agency Shake-Ups

Search Strategy Is Influencing Ad Strategy—Even Offline

BBDO Atlanta Shifts to Digital as Content Marketing Proliferates

We’ve written in depth about how content is everything in Internet marketing these days. But this is a shift that has ripples far beyond company blogs. The new focus on content affects not just website development and social media, but the world of advertising more broadly. So how is content marketing shaking things up?

The most obvious example is in what counts as search engine optimization. As industry veterans know, SEO practices once consisted of little more than gaming the system: keyword-stuffing, copying and pasting the same content to a hundred pages mentioning a hundred different cities, and commissioning an endless stream of junk articles all pointing at your website. Like tilting a pinball machine, these cheats offered a real advantage—but one that was all too easy to notice and neutralize. No matter who your SEO provider is, by now every business should know that these tricks don’t work and that Google will actively penalize you for them. Most SEO firms that focused on these tactics are, thankfully, out of business.

Today’s SEO tactics focus on making content so valuable to Internet users that Google will reward it. But the trend toward content marketing hasn’t just affected the online world—it’s changing offline marketing too. That’s because the Internet is consumers’ first stop to answer questions, get news, find entertainment, and socialize. And that puts pressure on advertisers in the offline world, notably:

  • The value of a TV ad spot has declined.
  • Ad campaigns in print, TV or radio need to be backed by a digital campaign.
  • Even where TV and print campaigns still work, the low cost and high ROI of digital marketing calls into question the value of these expensive traditional channels.

While traditional ad shops like BBDO Atlanta struggle to pivot (laying off 10-15 percent of its staff) and adapt to the new landscape, at EverSpark we’ve always dedicated our work to digital marketing. While other SEO companies were copying tactics from yesteryear, we saw the shift coming and invested in creating great content—the kind that pulls both search traffic and consumer sharing.

In the past year we’ve created powerful inbound marketing campaigns for law firms, a lawn care service, a healthcare IT enterprise, even retirement communities. These campaigns offer content that our clients’ customers are already looking for, in a visually rich format that drives clicks and shares. All of our content marketing campaigns have resulted in immediate leads for our clients, at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

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