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SEO Benefits of Blogging

Several years ago there was much buzz as the trend in corporate social media leaned away from blogging. In the past two years, however, there has been a major uptick in the number of companies that see blogging as a valuable part of their strategy – from 23% of Fortune 500 companies in 2011 to 34% today.

There are some good reasons for this shift, but perhaps none more important than the powerful role that a blog can play in your SEO strategy. The simple fact is that blogs are good for SEO – and here’s why:

  • Controlling your keywords: The main vehicle of SEO is organic but topical (read: keyword-centric) content pointing at your company website. Assuming you write on relevant topics, every blog post you publish will meet that definition. What’s more, when publishing to your own corporate blog you have total control over not just the content, but the branding and appearance of the page. You can keep it spam-free and user friendly, just the way Google likes it.
  • Thought leadership and links: While content on your own site is good, topical links pointing at your site are even better. Year after year, links prove to be the single biggest factor in effective SEO – and blogging has a delightful habit of creating them. Blogging makes you a thought leader in your field, and many of the users who find your content will share it or link to it in their own content. Free backlinks means a free boost to SEO.
  • It feeds your social media: Many SEO pundits forget how strongly social media shares correlate with high page ranks. While most companies use Twitter or Facebook, many don’t back that up with a company blog – which is a shame, because blog posts are the perfect kind of content to push out on social channels, simultaneously generating backlinks and encouraging social shares.
  • Fresh and relevant: Search engines and regular people have at least one thing in common: they both want fresh content. Users are more likely to return to websites that update regularly and Google rewards fresh content with higher rank.
  • Beating the competition: While blogs are common in the tech/communications and retail sectors, they’re still uncommon in many other industries. If you’re fighting your competitors tooth and nail to rank, why not be the first one to add a blog?

When creating a company blog there are three main concerns: how to create good content, how to make the blog attractive and functional, and how to maximize its impact on your SEO. Everspark can help you.