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Search Engines Responsible for 34% of Inbound Facebook Pages Traffic

PageLever is a service used for Facebook analysis. Recent findings by the service indicate that 34% of traffic coming into Facebook pages comes from search engines (and YouTube). What’s even more interesting is the breakdown of which search engines these referrals come from.

Traffic Directions from Search Engines

The most referrals come from Google, while the second most come from Yahoo (though the percentage is much smaller). PageLever found this data by studying only the larger 1,000 Facebook pages, as each studied had more than 10,000 fans. This makes sense, because the larger brands would have a more integrative Facebook presence and likely a larger volume of visitors via the search engines than a small business would.

Search Engines Send Traffic to Facebook

The actual measurement of the average (mean) amount of traffic coming into Facebook pages from search engines (and YouTube) reported by PageLever: Google brings in 27.57%, Yahoo brings in 4.11% Bing brings in 2.3% and YouTube brings in 3.1%. Even though Bing has partnered with Facebook and has integrated the social network into its search capabilities, it still refers less traffic than both Yahoo and Google.

Jeff Widman of PageLever does mention a caveat to the study findings: “I discovered the sum of all internal plus external referring sources rarely adds up to the total-unique-pageviews. So again, I’d say that 27% of your external referrals come from Google, not that 27% of your pageviews come from Google.” That’s definitely important to keep in mind when analyzing these results. Though the referrals are coming in, they do not necessarily correlate with page views.

More Information

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