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Why Response Time Matters

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As the old adage goes, time is money (and as Pink Floyd reminded us, money, it’s a gas). When it comes to response times between digital marketing teams to their clients, even a few hours could make a huge difference in results. The different departments know this truth all too well. Whether it means developing an entire website or simply posting a blog, a delay in communication could spell DOOM!

Okay, so maybe it’s not that drastic. But timely communication between you and the digital marketing agency you’ve hired can be a major factor in your company can mean greater success. Here is how swift — and slow — communication impacts three of our departments.

Outreach/Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to get word out about your company, especially with new posts and infographics, is to get in touch with an influencer. These are players in your industry that are considered experts and are therefore looked up to; their media channels often have high visitor counts. When we want to reach out to them, we have to be vigilant about responding.

Our outreach manager is always available to answer emails. That way, whether the influencer responds in two hours or two days, she is ready to get the process started. She knows that if she waits too long, the influencer’s interest could quickly evaporate. Worse yet, if what she is trying to share is a time-sensitive subject, target audience influence could disappear just as quickly.

Development/User Experience

Perhaps the most important behind-the-scenes department in any digital marketing is the development, or dev, department. They are responsible for creating user-friendly websites and pages for clients and take care of any technical errors that may arise. Because they basically hold the fate of clients’ success in their hands, speedy communication is a must.

They have to respond to any concerns the client has quickly and fix the issue. However, they know it works the other way, too. If the client is not communicating well with them, they development, quality assurance test and launch of a page or site could be delayed. However, our dev department knows they have to let clients know if there is a delay in production, and what they are doing to remedy the situation.

Account Management

Of course, account management is the face of the company. They handle everything for clients, from working out budgets to making sure content and development plans stay on track. When there is a lack of communication between account managers and clients, the entire process comes to a standstill. Our managers know they are responsible for contacting and reminding clients what needs to be done in order for their website — and business as a whole — to thrive.

Account managers are often inundated with emails from clients. It’s important for them to respond in a timely manner; after all, they never know which emails are urgent, even if they don’t seem so. Delaying too many responses could mean clients find another agency to work with. In short, fast response times from account managers can mean success or failure for both the client and the digital marketing company itself.

As you can see, our entire business is dependent on quick correspondence with clients. If you need a new digital marketing strategy, we can help. Visit our website to learn more about all the services we offer, or contact us today.