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Pay Less Per Click by Advertising on Youtube

Does your company use video ads on Youtube? If not, you might be missing out. While pay-per-click advertising costs have risen elsewhere, it turns out Youtube’s “TrueView” ads have held steady—at some of the lowest rates on the internet.

TrueView ads are the commercials that play just before a Youtube video starts. They offer a sort of “best of both worlds” for Youtube and its users: the site remains free, and advertisers get an audience that has to watch the ad to see their content. If that sounds amazingly effective, it’s because it is.

It’s also a bargain. It’s not clear why Google has kept Youtube ad prices so low, but they have confirmed that the average cost per click is much lower than AdWords. This is despite a higher volume of ads being watched.

If you already have pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, that means that you could save money by moving some over to Youtube. It also means that TrueView would be a cost-effective addition to other channels.

There are several keys to a successful Youtube ad:

  • Allow the viewer to skip the ad. They’ll still see five of it first, and skippable ads can actually perform better—probably because viewers feel it’s a fair trade for a free video, and see non-skippable as an annoyance. They also have an incentive to stay glued to the screen as those five seconds tick down.
  • Hook them. Any ad needs a good hook, but when users can mute you with one keystroke, the first few seconds are everything. (Even if the ad isn’t skippable, you only have eight seconds to drive it home.) This is a channel that rewards entertainment-style advertising.
  • Nail the call to action. Many people think of Youtube ads as simple “brand awareness” spots, but they can be more. Make a value proposition and offer a clear call to action at the end. Use a call to action “overlay” that viewers can click on.
  • Give it time. Clicking a Youtube ad interrupts the Youtube experience, so users are less likely to click now and more likely to check you out later. That means impressions (which you don’t pay for) are at least as valuable as clicks. Plus, Youtube campaigns ramp up slowly. Once viewers have heard your message over and over it will start to pay off.

All of this depends on being able to produce a high quality video, of course. Remember that a cost-effective animation can be just as powerful as something glitzy. The key is creativity and a strong hook.

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