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Are You Part of the 69%? Most Likely

69% of American smartphone users surf the web daily –  and the numbers in the UK, France, Japan and Germany are similarly high. There have been multiple surveys and polls released that indicate that the general public is most certainly trending in a very mobile, local-oriented direction. Around the globe, it is clear that more and more people are adopting the smartphone trend. New research from Google (done in conjunction with Ipsos) confirms this fact, and according to the report, “more consumers in the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan use a mobile phone (feature phone or smartphone) than a computer (desktop or laptop).”  


Percentage of Smartphone Internet Users (Google/Ipsos)


The research was conducted in two phases (first, January – February 2011 and second in September – October 2011) among the populations of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Germany.  It was intended to make more clear the mobile device usage rate globally – including smartphones and tablets – and how that compares to PC usage.

The Results

Google released the research yesterday. It indicates that smartphone ownership is nearly ubiquitous and is only on the rise.  Though the smartphone adoption rate is high in most places, Google found that the UK had the highest increase in number of smartphone users – from 30 to 45% of the entire population. The research also revealed that the over 45 demographic is entering the smartphone market more and more, and that, in all 5 countries studied, the number of female smartphone users increased. Though the data reveals that “more consumers use a mobile phone (feature phone or smartphone) than a computer (desktop or laptop) across all five countries,” (in the US, 76% of people were using smartphones or feature phones, while 68% were using laptops/desktops) those who do use smartphones are also using their computers most of the time. The US sees 38% of people using smartphones, as does France, while the UK sees 45%, Japan sees 17% and Germany sees 23% of citizens using smartphones.

Daily Internet Usage

When it comes to daily usage of the internet on smartphones, 69% of American smartphone users, 54% of UK smartphone adopters, 88% of Japanese citizens using smartphones, 49% of German smartphone users and 36% of France’s users are surfing the web everyday while on the go. All of these countries experienced increases from Phase 1 of the research to Phase 2 except for Japan and France. Though users are using their smartphones for search, they are still using their PCs as well (remember, the following data reveals how many SMARTPHONE SEARCHERS are also using their PCs). In the US, 80% of smartphone users also use their desktops to surf the web. The numbers are similar (none dip below 73%) across the other four countries. So, it’s safe to say that both mobile and desktop search engine optimization will continue to be necessary through 2012 and beyond.

PS: Speaking of Google, there has been confirmation of another iteration of Panda (3.2 according to Search Engine Land) having been run within the last 2 weeks.


More Information

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