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Panda Update Is Now Running In Most Languages

With the exception of Korean, Japanese and Chinese, Google has launched Panda internationally, across all languages. Announcing the new adaptation across languages on their official Google blog, the search engine refers to Panda as the “high-quality sites algorithm,” which they say has received a positive response from users who have experienced its effect on English language queries.


What’s Panda’s History?

Panda’s primary purpose is to improve user experience and thereby make the internet a more user-friendly place. Panda was first released in the United States February in order to crack down on content farms (and other “low-quality” websites that did not provide a good user experience). In April, Google ran another iteration of the “high-quality sites algorithm,” which applied the changes to everything searched in the English language (so, those who do searches in countries where English is the primary language have seen Panda’s effects, as have those in non-English speaking countries who have used the English language to do Google searches).


Panda, Now

Panda is now being run for all non-English queries except for the three noted above.

Panda Update goes International

According to Google, “For most languages, this change impacts typically 6-9% of queries to a degree that a user might notice. This is distinctly lower than the initial launch of Panda, which affected almost 12% of English queries to a noticeable amount.” Regardless of its lower percentage impact, those who experience this update for the first time (especially international SEOs) will certainly experience ripple effects from the update. However, it is likely this now worldwide update will make search results in almost every language more relevant to the queries being searched, as Panda has done so far with English language search.

What Does This Update Mean?

Like many others, the world as our Atlanta SEO Company knew it changed drastically with Panda’s release (and continued iterations – in fact, there was a rumor this week that Panda 2.4 had been run, but Google vehemently denied it).  This means that international SEOs (as well as those in the United States who are still grappling with Panda’s effects) will have to modify their sites so that they adhere to Google’s high-quality content guidelines.

More Information:

If you have any more questions about Google, the Panda update, or SEO, please revisit our blog for daily posts about the goings on in the search engine and SEO worlds. For more specific questions for our Atlanta SEO Company that are related to your business, give us a call at 770-481-1766.

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