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When it comes to promoting a new website you are generally faced with two different approaches, Pay-Per-Click or PPC and search engine optimisation or SEO. What is difficult for many, especially newbies to web marketing, is which approach is best and which to use for the different promotional stages of a website. A lot depends on your site and what you are looking to achieve. If you are aiming to make money from your website, perhaps through ecommerce or affiliate links, then a PPC campaign will give you an initial boost whilst you get your organic SEO off the ground. The problem is many

There are various means of link building for your website, some good, some not so good. And while many of you will concentrate solely on using written content to create links, images within a site should not be overlooked either. In fact image SEO can be a useful tool for marketing your website and for creating those all important inbound links. Using the images on your website as a means of link building is probably the last thing you will consider when it comes to increasing traffic or improving your ranking. But as I will explain, there are many benefits to

So you’re ready to begin adding keywords to your website or in most instances identifying those already there, and utilizing them for SEO purposes. But where to begin? If you were to perform a search loosely based on a single word term, for instance ‘wedding’, what you will be returned with will be so long and extensive you will probably feel like giving up straight away! But if you are not yet ready to throw in the towel, then here are some tips on how to effectively research keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. Keywords are tricky devils, finding the right ones for your site

If you have just launched your website or rebuilt an existing one then you will need to ensure it is appealing to the search engines or it is never likely to be found. Too many webmasters treat SEO as an after thought rather than planning it from the start. By the way it is very easy to spot the sites that included SEO the moment they began planning their website – they are the sites will lots of traffic ranking at the top of Google. But why is it important to include SEO from the very start? Often websites that have had SEO applied after

It's funny to think that a couple years ago, I had absolutely no knowledge of SEO, and how it works. But since I began working at Everspark, I have learned an incredible amount seemingly overnight. Using Chris and Jason's methods on my own site and videos has done wonders. As you can see, one of my videos is currently number one for a fairly competitive keyword: Notice that it is number one in organic, not just Google video search. However this video is about four years old, has nearly 2.5 million views, and thousands of comments, all of which play a factor in YouTube's