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Optimizing your Google Places Page

4 things that impact rankings in Google Places:

  1. Profile completeness
    • User will have a better experience if there is more information present on the Places page.
    • Upload photos and videos of your business.
    • Always have your company contact information in an easy to spot section.
  2. Keywords:
    • Important for ranking.
    • Avoid “keywording” everything.
    • Don’t keyword your business name unless the keyword is part of your business name. Ex: Your Business is “My New Deli.” You want the keyword to be “Deli.” Placing the keyword in the title is okay in this situation. But if you want the key word to be “fine eating,” don’t keyword Deli because it’s not the same
    • Use only your primary keyword phrases.
  3. Service Area
    • What area/locations your business caters to.
    • This option has shown a decrease in rankings so this may not be something you want to post.


  1. Reviews
    • Everyone wants to know how their business is doing and how the customer feels.
    • Reviews also lead to more customers.
    • Most people won’t take the time to get online and feel out a review unless the experience was unforgettable(good or bad).
    • Some easy ways to encourage customer feedback is to have cards in your office for them to fill out as they wait/eat/shop etc.
    • Social Networks: post a link to your Google Places and ask for people to share their “special experiences,” reviews etc.
    • The number one way of ensuring the customer will leave a review is to make sure doing so isn’t time consuming and is easy.