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Now You Can See How You Rank for Every Keyword In One Glance

In terms of SEO, the most powerful and basic step a company can take is to begin monitoring your rankings for your main keywords. Everything else—content creation, link building, and social—is likely driven by how well you rank and how far you are from the coveted number one position. Thus, if you have anything less than a crystal clear idea of where you’re at, your entire SEO strategy will suffer.

The problem is, checking your ranking is not easy. Doing it the old fashioned way—simply googling your keywords—quickly becomes time consuming. A number of SEO tools allow you to automatically track your ranking, and the ranking of specific competitors. But that still doesn’t give you a top-down view of all the top contenders. If a new competitor starts ranking, and they aren’t on the list of sites you track, you’ll never even know they’re there.

So business owners and SEO’s have long been in need of a better tool, and finally we have it. Full credit for this discovery goes to Aleyda Solis, who recently wrote about seven ways to automate your SEO. Many of her suggestions are technically oriented, but one of them is useful to business owners with or without an SEO background—and finally solves the problem of tracking your ranking. That tool is SERPWoo.

Intro to SERPWoo

SERPWoo advertises itself as a tool to track all your rankings at a single glance. In my opinion, it lives up to that. Here are a few of the ways it comes in handy:

  • Track all your keywords automatically. SERPWoo offers a simple graph interface for each keyword you track. Each top ranking site gets a different color so that you can easily see who is pulling ahead and who is lagging behind.
  • See all the top ranking pages. Unlike most SEO tools, SERPWoo doesn’t just show you the rankings for specific competitors. It grabs a snapshot of the top rankings for your keyword no matter who they are—which means you can find out about new competitors as soon as they hit page one.
  • Pull data from competitors you didn’t even know existed. One of the best sources for keyword research is looking at what competitors are doing. SEO tools can pull meta keywords from other sites as well as analyze their on-page content for keywords. Since SERPWoo tracks everyone who ranks for your terms, you can draw intel from a broader base of rivals.
  • Find out why your site ranks the way it does. SERPWoo marries great tracking with great third background data. If your site is suddenly performing well for a keyword, why is that? The analytics tools in SERPWoo look at backlinks, social signals and other metrics to find out why. So if a viral post on Facebook is the reason you moved up a rank, you’ll know about it.

As far as cost, SERPWoo is reasonable. You can try it out for free and if you like it, a basic account is $25/month. Not a bad price considering everything it delivers.

Of course, tools like this aren’t necessary if you have an experienced SEO firm managing your rankings. At EverSpark, our analysts track all your rankings for you and target your campaign where it will make the biggest difference. That means you get more traffic and less headache. Call us for a free strategy session today.