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Need a Visibility Boost? Try Live Blogging

Is your blog getting enough traffic? Do people in your industry share your posts? If the answer is no, Google and content marketing platform ScribbleLive may have a solution. At least, if you like live blogging.

What Is Live Blogging?

Live blogging is the act of writing blog posts in real-time while you’re at an event. It’s a popular way to report on conferences, seminars and industry gatherings. It makes it easy to cover your experience, because you get your thoughts down quickly while they’re happening. And readers get to share the experience even if they aren’t there. (Or if they are there—fellow attendees also read live blogs, especially if promoted with the event hashtag).

The drawback with liveblogging has always been getting the word out. Your existing audience will see it, and so will the most dedicated followers of the event hastag—but what about other searchers? In the past, people looking for updates on an event were unlikely to find live blogs except from the absolute biggest sites.

That’s what Google and ScribbleLive have set out to change.

The Live Blogging Carousel

Last week, ScribbleLive announced a new partnership with Google. Under the partnership, bloggers using the ScribbleLive platform can get their live blogs spotlighted in the search results. Searching Google for an event will show a “carousel” of live blogs above the results. The carousel lets you scroll through posts in a visual, intuitive format.

This will undoubtedly boost readership for those blogs. Searchers have a tendency to click on visual elements above non-visual, and the top of the page is prime real estate. Live blogs featured in the carousel will likely been seen as news sources. Getting your company placed here could bring in a lot of new traffic, and help consolidate your position as an industry leader.

Of course, your business may not use ScribbleLive—in which case, Google’s got your back. Almost immediately on the heels of the ScribbleLive announcement, Google announced that it had created a new markup schema for live blogging. Schema is code you can add to a page so Google knows how to present it in the search results, and the new “live blog schema” will let you join the carousel, with or without ScribbleLive.

Putting it to Use

Writing about industry events is just one way to boost your blog. But it’s an effective method, especially for B2B companies or those looking to stand apart as experts. You can learn how to use the live blog schema here.

Want an even bigger traffic boost? Let our experienced SEO and marketing team move you up through the search rankings. Contact EverSpark for a free consultation today.


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