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Mobile Optimization Importance Proven Again

The importance of mobile advertising has increased and will continue to increase with the staggering popularity of smartphones (after all, Apple just announced the release of the newest version of the iPhone, the 4S). The high number of smartphone users has led to increased popularity of catering advertisements to an incredibly large and ever-growing mobile audience, and will continue to do so according to a recent eMarketer Press Release.


What Does the Report Say?

Mobile advertising spend is predicted to generate more than one billion dollars in revenue, according to eMarketer; further, the connection is made between this new development and the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile internet searches, which are natural inclinations in this digital age we live in. Just like you have become accustomed to using your computer instead of a phonebook to search for businesses to fulfill your needs, you likely have become accustomed to using your cell phone to perform online searches when your computer is out of reach and/or when you are on the go. Because of this fact, advertisers are flocking to mobile platforms to reach a growing audience.



Just like computers – and Google Places – nearly made phonebooks a thing of the past, it’s possible that mobile phones and tablets will one day make computers a thing of the past!


The Specifics

Last year, advertisers in the US spent $743 million. This year, the report projects that advertisers will spend almost 1.23 billion. The press release announcing the report estimates, “By 2015, the US mobile advertising market is set to reach almost $4.4 billion. This includes spending on display ads (such as banners, rich media and video), search and messaging-based advertising, and covers ads viewed on both mobile phones and tablets.”


EMarketer Charts


This is a graphic included in the eMarketer report. As you can see, in 2011, search on mobile phones accounts for around 28% of ad spending, and in 2015 search on mobile phones will account for around 40% of ad spending.

eMarketer notes that the increased spending in the mobile space has a great deal to do with the fast growth of mobile internet and smartphone use. The press release adds, “By the end of this year, 38% of US mobile users will have a smartphone and 41% will use the mobile internet at least once each month.” I can deduce from these numbers, as well as from previous surveys, that a nice chunk of that 38% use their smartphones to perform searches on a daily or near-daily basis (I know I do!).


What Does Mobile Advertising Have to Do With Mobile Optimization?

A lot, actually. Businesses are spending a great deal on mobile advertising because that’s where they will find their returns on their investments. And remember, accounted for in that future $4.4 billion is search advertising; by 2015, mobile SEO will no longer be a choice, it will be a necessity for any business looking to capture a large portion of its target audience. This is especially because, with search accounting for around 40% of advertising spend, mobile search will be a competitive landscape, and will likely provide businesses with access to more geo-targeted customers and potential customers. These are people who will be looking specifically for those businesses’ services, and who will likely respond to mobile websites nearly right away.


More Information

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