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Local SEO is Growing, According to Recent Survey

Though the economy has been in a state of unrest for years now, the Local Search Engine Optimization industry has grown and continues to do so. This is according to statistics revealed by a recent survey (between March and June 2011) of over one thousand SEOs by (please note that the survey is ongoing, and will continue until December).

Local SEO

Statistics Reveal Growth

So, how does this survey come to reveal that Local SEO is growing? Well, the statistics speak for themselves. Here are some of the highlights from the survey findings thus far:

“Local SEOs are handling more clients now than they did 12 months ago”

Survey Chart from

Further, the graph shows that while 13% of SEOs had 21+ clients last year, 10% more now have that many as well (bringing the number to 23% of SEOs with 21+ clients). The number of SEOs with more than 11 clients has grown as well, from 10% to 14%. Across the board, Local SEOs are seeing more business.

“31% of SEOs (survey respondents) are new to SEO in the last 12 months.”

Clearly, SEO is a growing industry, with newbies joining at high rates. If these SEOs provide high-quality services, growing competition can be healthy for the industry. However, as Search Engine Land’s Myles Anderson points out, “The SEO industry already suffers from a negative reputation caused by poor service being dished out by too many inexperienced and underqualified SEO providers.”

“Local SEOs are handling more clients now than they did 12 months ago”

“Over 1/2 of all local SEOs have a new business success rate of 70% or more.”

This success rate refers to “converting leads to new customers.” This is a promising statistic, showing that there is a great deal of business out there for the taking.

“64% of SEOs say it is easier or much easier to convince local businesses of the value of SEO.”

Survey Chart from BrightLocal.com2 It’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming power of the internet (and the incredible power of the search engines, especially Google, for that matter). Not only are businesses motivated to utilize SEO to increase visibility to customers and potential customers, but also in order to stay ahead of (or keep up with) the competition. Internet marketing is so pervasive and effective that if one company is utilizing it, it’s likely that the competition will engage in it as well.

“76% of SEOs believe that SEO DOES work for local businesses”.

That’s because it does work and is effective, plain and simple. These SEOs have likely seen the results and payoff that Local SEO can bring (as we have, many times over, within our Atlanta SEO company).

The survey also revealed that SEOs do on-site optimization on a weekly basis and find directory submission and link-building to be the most tedious tasks.

Even More Valuable Insight

One of the more compelling statistics from the survey is not surprising. Apparently, “37% of businesses like social media but don’t know how to use it.” Further, nearly half of SEOs think that social media can be effective for marketing. This is why social media consulting companies have sprung up recently, and it’s also why many SEO companies have integrated social media into their campaigns (there are other reasons, too however- let’s not forget Google’s Caffeine update and its call for a “wider footprint”).

Survey Chart from BrightLocal.com3 There is clearly a need for more guidance when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google +. Beyond being a good marketing tool, social media can be important for SEO as well.


More Information

For more information about Local SEO, Google places, or Search Engine Optimization in general, please come back and read our blog on a daily basis. Here, you can find news that we find notable having to do with SEO, Google and the interactive marketing world. For more information about developing your site’s organic SEO strategy or for advice having to do with questions that are more specific to your business or website, contact  our Atlanta SEO company at 770-481-1766.

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