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Klout Introduces Their Own Brand Pages

Social media is always evolving – Facebook has the new timeline feature, Google Plus has an entirely new setup, including cover photos, Twitter has a new, more intuitive format – and, in a way, these sites have to keep up with each other. In fact, it seems like every time Facebook updates something, so does Google Plus. One aspect of social media that is currently evolving on all of these sites is the brand presence. Facebook just rolled out timeline for business pages, Twitter is going to be rolling out brand pages to everyone any day now, and Google Plus (relatively) recently rolled out brand pages.




So, to keep up with this ever-evolving trend, any social media related site needs to ensure that brand pages are a part of their overall picture. Klout is just the latest site to do just that, by introducing brand pages on a minimal scale (for now), with this feature rolling out to everyone soon.


Klout 101

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Klout, the social sight measures a single person or businesses’ influence across the internet.  They do this by monitoring any social media platform you have (you voluntarily link what social media account of yours you want to be monitored by Klout).



Everspark’s Klout Profile


After linking all your accounts Klout calculates your “Klout Score” on a scale from 0-100. This score is based on 3 analyses: True Reach, Amplification, and Network Impact.

  • True Reach = the amount of people you influence across your linked social platforms


EverSpark’s True Reach Graph


  • Amplification = indicates how much people engage and pay attention to things you post


EverSpark’s Amplification Graph


  • Network Impact = measures the influence people you connect with have (therefore you have more influence since you are connected to them)


EverSpark’s Network Impact Graph



Your Klout score is also linked to the “type” of influencer you are. For instance, Everspark has a score of 19 and are considered a “Dabbler.” Our Communications Specialist, Amie, has a Klout Score of 45 and she is a “Networker.”


EverSpark’s “Klout Style” Grid



As a member of Klout, you also have +K points you can give to other Klout users that influence you. Once you are really influential online Klout will pick up on certain topics you are influential about. (Everspark is most influential  about SEO, Altanta, and Social Media.) These topics could lead to Klout Perks that allow you exlusive access to certain product discount or samples.


Finally Klout for Businesses!


Today, Klout rolled out their new Brand Page (still in Beta testing). Right now it is exclusive to Red Bull, but will be available to other businesses and brands in the coming months.  The page will have links to all of a brands social media platforms, and latest activity on Klout. There will also be a grid of the brands’ Top 100 Influencers, emphasizing the Top 100.


Klout’s new Brand Page – Exclusive to Red Bull right now


Brands/Businesses will not be able to reach out to the influencers that have the most impact on their brand and reward them. For example, right now Red Bull will be letting its influencers try their new “Red Bull Total Zero” and their best influencer may have a chance to win a VIP Red Bull experience.


New Red Bull Perks associated w/their Brand Page



For more information you can visit Klout’s blog.  But keep a look out for the new Klout Business pages! And if you already use Klout, please let us know what you think about this new change!


More Information

Want to learn more about social influence and its importance for your business? Looking to find free tips and news updates from the online world? Visit our blog regularly to stay informed. With questions more specific to your business, give us a call today at 770-481-1766.

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