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Why Is It Important to Use Videos To Brand Your Business?

As an Atlanta SEO Agency with a Video Project Manager and a green room on site, we never miss an opportunity to discuss the opportunities available to businesses through video production. With content becoming ever-more important with each Panda iteration run by Google (internationally, now!), many tend to focus on the writing portion of content and disregard the video component. However, a new survey reveals that a majority of Americans are on the video-sharing platforms, watching, laughing, learning and creating. This should be reason enough to take part in the YouTube Revolution.

Video SEO

However, videos are also important because they can be just the ingredient you need to finish your SEO strategy pie (that delicious, success flavored pie), which consists of at least 30% content (with link-building and on-page factors making up most of the rest of the pie).

The SEO Strategy Pie

Mmm, a nice large “content” slice of the SEO Strategy pie – made with the correct proportion of ingredients, of course.

But why else is it important to use videos to brand your business? Because, according to a July Pew Internet finding, “71% of online Americans use video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, up from 66% a year earlier. The use of video-sharing sites on any given day also jumped five percentage points, from 23% of online Americans in May 2010 to 28% in May 2011.”

Though having videos on your site can be extremely important for your SEO strategy, having a YouTube channel as well can go a long way towards building your organic traffic. Further, having a strategy that involves utilizing the extraordinary to draw people in can make for an incredibly lucrative marketing campaign.

How Do I Get The Most Bang For My Buck With Videos?

Try to create videos more often than not. In fact, shoot for once a week if you can. You are likely already blogging often to keep up with Google, so why not go the extra mile and turn one of those posts into a video blog? Also – since Google owns YouTube, the search engine indexes videos posted there in searches.

For SEO purposes, you should try to include keywords in your video titles if possible. Additionally, your video should be (relatively) entertaining, and no longer than 3 minutes (if possible). Once you have created a YouTube channel (don’t forget to name this channel based on your company), upload it to the channel, make sure you have optimized it via the title and also the description. Try to also create “tags” using as many variations of your keywords as you can think of.

So What Should I Even Make Videos Of?

If you check out our SEO Agency’s blog, you’ll see why we stand out from our competition across Atlanta. As much as we possibly can, we not only blog about important things going on in the SEO and search marketing worlds, but our CEO Jason also does video blogs about important developments. By personalizing his interactions with each reader, he works to connect with those who may look to him for advice. After all, people love to see others face to face, to see that smiles and human behavior do exists beyond all the words, promises and calls-to-action. Also, by providing scripts of the blog for those who don’t necessarily have the time to watch the whole video, EverSpark ensures that people get the most out of these video blogs. These video blogs are also on YouTube for all of those 71% of Americans to access. The are not necessarily created to sell anything; rather they are there to add value to the brand, and contribute to its authenticity and authoritativeness.

Viral videos could also go a long way towards garnering success for your business. What’s a viral video? For our purposes, a viral video is one that steps out of the ordinary and therefore remains memorable to its viewers. For instance, two years ago T-Mobile decided to harness the energy that surrounds “Flash Mobs,” or gatherings of people (usually organized via social media) that go to the same place and all the sudden begin a synchronized dance in the middle of an unsuspecting public place. T-Mobile utilized this idea for its international marketing campaign.

Holding these flash mobs in Liverpool (at Liverpool Street Station dancing to “Shout” and several of other songs), at Trafalgar Square and London’s Heathrow Airport in the beginning of its Flash Mob campaign, T-Mobile has seen a record number of hits for these entertaining segments, which average about 3 minutes each.

The Liverpool flash mob YouTube video had 30,627, 425 views, and ended with a T-Mobile “Life’s For Sharing” screen; Heathrow Airport’s video had nearly 9.5 million views and ended with two friends swaying to the beat as “Life’s For Sharing” hovers over them. Now that’s what I call a “feel-good” commercial, and its viral nature brought T-Mobile out from the shadows of the other, larger cellphone companies. T-Mobile has moved on to commercials like the one in which royal look-alikes dance down the aisles at the royal wedding (This time it’s “One’s Life Is For Sharing”), which has had over 23 million views. But it has stuck to the viral video campaign – likely, for one simple reason: it works.

Of course, not every business can create all-encompassing flash mob videos, but you get the idea: step out of the ordinary and reach out to the 71% of Americans who use YouTube (and the nearly 30% who use it on a daily basis!).

More Information
At EverSpark Interactive, a full service SEO agency located in Atlanta, we blog daily about not only SEO but also the interactive marketing landscape. For more information about video SEO, Google, or anything else going on in today’s search marketing world, check back with our blog to see updates about recent news and trends within these areas as well as to obtain free tips for developing your site’s video and organic SEO strategy. For questions that are more specific to your business or website, or if you want to know more about our Atlanta SEO agency, give us a call at 770-481-1766.

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn!

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