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How should I optimize my site’s ‘About’ page for SEO?

Though it is not usually a high priority for businesses looking to optimize their websites for SEO, the “About” page can actually play an integral role in an SEO campaign.

There are many varying opinions out there about the importance of a website’s “About” page. We are of the opinion that optimizing your page can contribute to your SEO efforts and certainly cannot hurt. Not only does this page build your company’s credibility, but it also personalizes your business. This page is a place where you can describe yourself and your business in a unique way and therefore differentiate yourself from the competition.

By personalizing your business on the “About” portion of your site, you build your site visitors’ respect and trust, which can go a long way towards converting traffic to customers and moving up in the search engine rankings. Not only will you generate more traffic, but you will also build your authoritativeness, which will hopefully bring you more inbound links as well.