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How Interactive Content Turbocharges Your Marketing Funnel

Interactive content can draw a surge of new leads into the top of your marketing funnel. It can also provide deep value to those further down the funnel who are looking for specific, personalized answers. Gating your interactive content behind an email capture form also gives marketers a direct route into people’s inboxes.

Types of interactive content include quizzes, polls, calculators, interactive infographics, build-your-own-product tools, games, quick assessment tools, and more.

Research shows that interactive content can accomplish lead generation and brand awareness goals far more reliably than traditional, non-interactive content. In a survey of 185 digital marketers, over three times as many people said that interactive content performed “very well” compared to normal content, and over half (56%) claimed that interactive content worked at least “moderately well” for their goals. Marketers also identified how certain content types facilitate movement through marketing funnels according to content type.

Learn how to make the most of your interactive content by considering the following benefits it can offer.

Grab Traffic and Leads Through Highly Clickable Content

Thanks to the advent of social media, many people’s favorite hobby has become talking about themselves online. Interactive content can fuel this self-obsession by offering up a platform for someone to “get to know themselves” better or voice an opinion in an open, public forum.

In fact, social media has turbocharged the realm of quizzes and polls thanks to the ability to share results directly from your timeline. Finally, people can know exactly what type of Disney Princess pile of rocks best fits your personality!

Campaigns using these types of quizzes and polls can drive serious engagement as well as share volume if they are able to pique interest right from the headline. Dos Equis was able to drive engagement by challenging people to find out “How Interesting Are You?” and then inflate their ego with horoscope-style assessments.

In the process of using quizzes like these, your brand can rope people into the top of your funnel, raising awareness for your brand or the products it offers.

Nurture Leads With Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalization has become a huge driving force in both e-commerce and marketing automation. These systems use big piles of audience data combined with machine learning algorithms to make recommendations that optimize conversions.

Not every company has access to an Amazon-sized data warehouse, though, but they can enable self-driven personalization by letting people select attributes that best describe them. For instance, the New Zealand tourism board drew in visitors with its “Do You Travel Like an Elf, Dwarf, Wizard, or Hobbit?” quiz, which takes advantage of the country’s link to The Lord of the Rings filming locations. Then, people who complete the quiz receive customized itineraries, encouraging them to strongly consider actually booking a trip to the Middle Earth-iest place on Earth.


Zipcar similarly uses a savings calculator to help people determine how much the service could benefit them. By completing the calculator, people already have an exact dollar amount benchmark in mind and have verified that the service provides concrete monetary benefits. In a sense, anyone filling out the calculator will have already given themselves a partial sales pitch and qualified themselves as a potential buyer. That’s true marketing automation right there!

As mentioned above, gating the results of these middle-of-funnel interactive content types behind a contact form can reliably import casual visitors into your CRM so that they can become true marketing leads.

Deeper Exploration of Products and Services in an Engaging Format

Other forms of interactive content simply serve as an improved way to drive engagement on existing content assets. For instance, Vidyard uploaded an interactive explainer video on their landing page to increase dwell time and accelerate leads down the sales pipeline.

Interactive infographics can similarly drive storytelling to forge deeper connections between audiences and specific campaigns. Google collaborated with the Truth & Beauty design studio to create an interactive infographic showing popularity trends with certain food-related search queries. The resulting tool can be played with for hours while providing a compelling case study for anyone considering Truth & Beauty’s services.

In the end, the benefits of deeper engagement, stickier marketing funnels and bumps to brand awareness all outweigh the extra costs interactive content demands.

Make your website, landing pages or current campaign more clickable by adding interactive content asset creation, and watch as your success rate skyrockets. Not sure how to start? We can help. Contact the content marketing experts at EverSpark Interactive today to learn how we can help you reach new heights!