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Google Plus Thanksgiving Day Commercial: What Does it Signal?

From the folks here at EverSpark, we hope you’ve had a restful and tasty holiday. In between bites of delicious Turkey and stuffing, though, you may have noticed (as I did) that Google + took a step in a more mainstream direction last week. And hopefully you didn’t (again, as I did), drop your fork in surprise at this somewhat uncharacteristic move by Google (I say somewhat because Google has been broadcasting commercials here and there for the last year).




The Commercial

So, while we all sit around and talk about its low usage by the average person, Google is out making commercials to advertise to just that person.  During the Packers/Lions game on Thanksgiving Day, a Google + advertisement came on as people were getting their yearly holiday football game fix, promoting the ground-breaking concept of +Circles and their fluidity, as well as hang-outs. Also, the commercial works to distinguish the social network from others by conveying it as the most “real-life” of all networks used for sharing.



If you didn’t get to view the commercial on Turkey Day – here it is! What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section!

Google, which has a history of airing commercials during large events on television (like the Super Bowl), is bringing out the big guns for Google + promotion. Likely, the hope is that the social network will become so widespread that it will further a true integration of social and search results. This integration will give Google a viable and accurate way to change search as we know it, so that social connections can play a much larger role in how we search and make purchasing decisions. While Facebook allows us to make these decisions based on our social decisions, to a certain degree, Google is looking to make social a ranking factor that alters the entire ecosystem of the world’s go-to search engine.


The Personalization of the Web: Phase 1, Complete

Google has not been shy about its desire to integrate the functionality of its social network with that of its search engine. And so far, what it has done has been make brands more relevant to users when signed into Google (so, if you follow a brand on Google +, they are likely to appear higher ranked in your search results). Also, the rel=author markup now displays Google + profile information about those authors who have implemented it and been accepted by Google.

This concept is further underlined in a Google blog post outlining the meaning of “personalization” of search results. Google had the following to say about its current and future hopes for social integration with search:

Social connections: With Social Search, we improve your results by relying on the context of your friends, family, coworkers and other people you may care about across the web. We’ll sometimes improve the ranking of results if they’re more likely to be relevant based on your social connections. We’ll also highlight your connections by showing their names and pictures in the results when they’ve published or commented on content, for example by clicking the +1 button.”

Among a variety of other points, Google underscores the importance, ever-growing, of its social network. While there is the constant comparison of Google + to Facebook, and the consistent comment across the search marketing community that the users aren’t populating Google + as much as we’d like them to be, the fact is that brands did rush into Google + because everyone had an inkling of the future impact on search results brand pages would have. Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of SEO, and it seems like Google + is where we all need to concentrate in order to be so.

Speaking of Names and Pictures Showing Up in the Search Results…

The Google Rel=author markup may soon be experiencing yet another change. Search Engine Land’s Matt McGee reported that Google is testing a new format which has authorship information seeping into the search results (no big surprise there). Basically, when an author’s information shows up in the SERPs due to the rel=author markup, his or her photo and byline link to a separate Google results page. This page begins with that author’s Plus profile, plus “More results,” which are links to other work attributed to the author. If you type the author’s name into the search results, profile information and recent posts on Google + will also show up.

More Information

Looking to learn more about Google +, or about social networking as a whole? Want to know about SEO and its ever-changing part in the search marketing landscape? Check back with our blog on a regular basis for free tips and news items. With questions more directly related to your business, give our Atlanta SEO company a call at 770-481-1766.


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