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Google rolled out “Panda” algorithmic improvement – now what?

Hey Guys, It Jason Hennessy reporting live from Everspark Interactive. Yesterday, the rumors came true and Panda was officially rolled out. No, I am not talking about the cute fuzzy bears, I am talking about the changes to the Google Algorithm. Let’s take a few moments and talk about what this new change is and how it could affect you.

The new algorithm was previously rolled out in it’s beta phases but yesterday afternoon the roll out took place on a much larger scale. What exactly is this new part of the algorithm? Well, have you ever visited one of those websites where you had to scroll half way down the page just to find the content you were looking for? Then you discover that the content quality was rather poor or just containing a few lines of jumble? These sites are unfortunately all over the web and often times can produce poor quality search results. Often times these lesser quality sites practiced great SEO techniques that would allow them to pull ahead of the other sites that were actually legitimate with GREAT content. Everyone wants to fight for the top spot on Google and this change will allow sites that are providing high quality content to rise above the sites that are mere content farms.

In Google’s eye’s what determines if a site is considered high quality or poor quality? Googles quality team spent hours upon hours doing research. They built a team of both professionals and users like you and I and asked them a variety of questions about some of the websites in question. Some of these questions included asking the visitors to a site “ would you be comfortable giving this site your credit card”, would you be comfortable buying and giving medication from this site to your family members and also does this site seem to have excessive ads. They asked these and other questions and compared the answers of legitimate sites to the ones that are now being considered content farms. They were trying to find out if the sites held a level of authoritativeness and if the sites were able to gain trust from the visitors.

In the past few month’s Google has been noticing a trend of these low quality sites and were looking for a way to get rid of them or at least lower their rank in the SERPS. The Chrome BlockList feature was recently revealed last month and this allowed people using Google Chrome to block certain sites from appearing in their search results. This was one way to cut down on the amount of spam sites that may have been appearing in your results.

So, how does this affect you? If you have a legitimate site with quality and relevant content, it should not affect your site at all. In fact, what it will do is help your site climb higher and hopefully gain that prestigious number one spot. Speaking of the number one site on Google, did you know that we can help you get that spot? Why not call us today and we will take a look at your site to ensure that you are not affected by the Panda Update and explain how we can help get you to the top. We can be reached at 1-800-429-0558

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for continuing coverage on the changes happening with both Google and SEO. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time, right here at Everspark Interactive.