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Google Revamps Spam Report Page

As an Atlanta SEO Agency with an interest in all things Google, we were excited to see that the search engine has improved its webspam reporting format. Google Webmaster Tools is the medium through which many communicate with Google about their own websites and about the websites of others.  One of the tools for communication located in the Webmaster Tools is the spam report.

No Spam AllowedAccording to a Twitter post by Matt Cutts (who is in charge of Google’s webspam team) on Wednesday, Google has revamped this spam report for the first time in ten years.

“We just released the biggest refresh of our spam report in, oh, say 10 years.”

Old Google Spam Report

Image of the old webspam report from Search Engine Land.

The old spam report was located on one page with boxes describing complaints that users could check when they encountered spam, as you can see above.  Options included “doorway pages,” “duplicate site or pages,” and “cloaked page.” Any site not following the webmaster’s guidelines could be reported on this page.

The new, revamped webspam report form is far less simplistic than its predecessor.

Webspam pageAccording to the page: “‘Webspam’ refers to pages that try to trick Google into ranking them highly.” As you can see, there are now multiple spam report forms that correlate to specific issues. For instance, if you click on the “paid links” link, you will be taken to a form dedicated just to reporting paid links.

Webspam 3

This is the paid link reporting page.

There are also separate forms for reporting objectionable content, malware, abuse of Google products, copyright and other legal issues, disclosure of personal or private information, phishing for sensitive information, or other issues that are not truly webspam.The last option on the form is for issues that are “really webspam,” leads to another short form.

Webspam 2

This is the “really webspam” form. Real webspam, according to Google, is that which is used to “trick” Google into ranking a site (that is utilizing the spam) higher.

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