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The Day Has Finally Arrived: Plus One and Plus Merge

Ever since Google + arrived on the social media scene and the +1 button continued to receive updates (becoming faster and more useful), we have known this day way coming. And now, it has finally arrived (well, it did yesterday). Google has fully integrated its version of the Facebook like with its fast-growing social network.

Google Is Taking Over the WorldGoogle inches closer to world domination with this latest integration.

What does this mean?

Since its June launch for websites, tech-bloggers and webmasters have been anticipating an expanded functionality for the +1 button. According to Google, more than a million sites utilize the button, which has garnered more than 4 billion daily views. Over the next week, +1 will begin to bring its power to the Google + platform.


This means that, eventually, when you are signed in and searching on Google, relevant content will likely be that which has been recommended by your friends on Google + and via the Google +1 button. This isn’t necessarily a new concept (it’s been what everyone has talked about since these two features were originally rolled out), but it’s one step closer to coming true.

How Does the Integration Work?

According to Google, the +1 button will be integrated in two places: +Circles and +Snippets. When this feature is fully rolled out, you will be able to go beyond just +1ing a site. You will be able to “Share on Google +” as well.  You can comment on what you share, and then share it with whichever circle you choose. Now, when you +1 a brand’s website, you can also share it with your contacts on Google +. This will be a powerful way for people to act as brand advocates, and will likely encourage businesses to join the conversation as soon as they are able to join Google + full force.

New Google +1 Capability 1

I joined the Google + Platform Review to try out the new capabilities of the +1 button before it is fully available to the public. So, here it is on our blog.

New Google +1 Capability 2

This is how it looks when I move to share the blog.

New Google +1 Capability 3

This is how it looks on my news feed after I have shared it. Google describes this sharing as a great way to start conversations.

New Google +1 Capability 4

And this is how it looks on my actual profile. Pretty cool. Google includes a description, image and link to the content within the box of content that was +1’d and shared. Above it, I was also able to include the comment, “Check this out!”  They refer to these as “+Snippets,” and Google goes further in-depth about these on their Webmaster Central blog:  “You can use +Snippets to customize the name, image and description that appear when your content is shared. Finally, new inline annotations help increase engagement after users see a friend’s recommendation right on your page.” These inline annotations actually lets Google users see exactly which ones of their contacts on the social network have recommended your company’s content.

Hopefully, as the updated +1 button rolls out publicly this week, we will begin to see if Google + really will revolutionize how people share and discuss information.  The next thing I’ll be waiting for, since this has finally happened, is business networking possibilities on Google +. Really, haven’t we waited long enough?!

*For instructions about how to configure more custom Snippets as well as inline annotations, see the Google Webmaster Central blog.


More Information

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