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Google Places’ Business Pictures: A different way to view your company

Google Places' Business Pictures A different way to view your company.

Google Places is now offering Google Business Pictures. Google will come to your business and take pictures of the outside and inside. These pictures will then be uploaded to your Google places page, so when people look up your business location they will be able to see everything, what pictures are on the wall, your color scheme and who’s picking their nose.  This will essentially give you the opportunity to “walk” around the store.

As of now, Google is only going to select cities around the world. But with growing demand in a city, chances are that Google will consider coming to your city/business. If you go to this website, http://maps.google.com/help/maps/businessphotos/, there is a button that says ‘Apply Now.’ This will allow you to send a request for Google photographers to come to your store and take the Google business pictures.

If your city/business is selected there is no charge for Google to come take photos. This is a great opportunity to gain more business. The Google Business Pictures will influence more creativity among businesses. If this takes off at a fast rate people will get on Google Places to check out the new, hip restaurant instead of driving around town to find one. This is your chance to stick out!