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Google Panda Update – Can you please explain what this is and how it effects my site?

Hey guys, It’s Jason from Everspark Interactive. Hope everyone is doing well today. We have decided to do something a little different today and we hope that you enjoy this video blog. We have been receiving a lot of emails from our viewers and are now going to take some time to answer some of these questions. So, if you have something on your mind why not send us an email today, and we will try and get your question answered as well.

Today’s question is of extreme importance and a question that may be on a lot of people’s mind. The email that we received reads as follows :

Viewer question : Hi from Charlotte , North Carolina. My name is Heidi and I was hoping that you could help. I have been hearing a lot about this Google Panda Update, Can you please explain what this is? How does this effect my site? Is there anything I should be concerned about? I run a small business here in North Carolina. Thanks so much.

Great question, Heidi and thanks for writing in. Basically, Google Panda is simply a change in the Google Algorithm. Google has changed this in hopes to get rid of some of those content farms. You know those sites that often have pretty low quality content and are pretty much in existence due to tons and tons of revenue sharing ads. These are the sites that will be mostly affected by the Panda. The reason that Google has done this is because many times these sites would employ great SEO tactics and that would mean is that these site sometime outrank legitimate sites. These legitimate sites would offer suffer so Google decided to step up to the plate and change things around.

What makes a site considered a content farm site? Google spent much time in being to determine what is really considered a content farm site and what is not. What they did was rather unique actually, they asked for the help of people like you and I. They developed research teams and would ask them pertinent questions such as “ Do you as a consumer feel safe giving your credit card to that site”, or “ would you feel comfortable giving your family members prescription drugs ordered from this site”. There were of course many other questions but you get the idea. From the data that was collected here, they split these sites up into a high quality score and a low quality score. From there they tried to find what was different from the sites and from there they came up with the new algorithm.

One of the major factors that also helped to determine if a site was a content farm site was the number of ads that were found on each page. More importantly was the content to ad ratio. Think about it, if you went to a site that was loaded with ads and you had to scroll all the way down the page just to find the content, would you consider this a high quality site? Chances are you would not.

So, to answer your question Heidi if your site provides valuable information to your potential customers than you have nothing to worry about. The best thing you can do is call our offices today. We will be glad to look at your site at no charge. Hope this answers your question and if you have any questions you would like us to tackle – please leave a them as a comment on this blog post below.
As always feel free to take a look at our site at for more information. Thanks for watching and see you next time.