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Gmail Motion – Changing the Way We Communicate Online.

Hey, Guys it’s Jason Hennessey reporting live from Everspark Interactive. Today, is an exciting day and the day that will change email forever. Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years, but has email really changed much? We still need to log in, sit down at a keyboard and type our message away. Well, okay we can use our phones and ipad’s now, but the point is the same. We have to type our message, but hold — Google is about the change that forever.

Today, Google has launched Google Motion. Instead of having to type your email messages to your friends and family, you will be able to use a series of body motions that will type the message for you. Think Nintendo Wii, and you get the idea. You may be asking yourself How does this even work? It is simple!! Gmail uses the camera you already have installed on your computer and a series of what Google is calling “ special tracking algorithm” that will transform these movements into a series of actionable commands. Then, these commands are transformed into the words you wish you type into your Gmail program.

I know it sounds like something out of the next Sci-Fi Movie, but I will explain this in more detail. Let’s say you just received an email, instead of clicking on the open new mail icon — with the Gmail Motion, all you have to do is make the motion like you were opening an envelope like this ( do the motion). After you have the email open and you would like to reply make a backward motion with your thumb( do the motion). If you would like to send a message, all you have to do is lick a stamp and place it down. ( do the motion).

As you can see, Google really has taken the touch screen application and the advanced technology that we have and put it to use in the everyday world. Google has spent much time and research into making Google Motion live and while the motions may take a little time to get used to, there is no doubt that soon we will be getting much more active when it comes to sending emails. When you think about it, we often spend 8 hours a day or more at our desks, and with the rise of carpal tunnel syndrome, Google could be on to something huge!!

In order to make sure that Google Motion will work for everyone, Google enlisted the help of movement specialists and para language expert to ensure that Google Motion will produce the results that you want it to. Google has designed their own type of language that will replace the need to type entirely, so the days of typing those long email messages are finally a thing of the past. The movements are designed to be easy to do and ergonomic. So, don’t worry you won’t get hurt sending email messages.

In your day to day life and when interacting with other people, how often do you use body language? Body language such as a shake of the head, is often a much more effective way to get our message across. So this Google Motion does seem like a natural extension of how we already communicate. If you ever been told that email is often too impersonal, that will no longer be the case with Google Motion.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited about this. I personally know how busy I am and this will be a great way to speed things up and add my personal touch to all the emails that I send on a daily basis. Google Motion has rolled out today, so why don’t you go and try for yourself. You will love it, after you get used to the motions that is.

As always please feel free to check us out online at www.eversparkinteractive. Thanks for watching and feel free to let us know how much you enjoy the new Google Motion.

Oh, yeah guys. April Fool’s !! Google Motion is part of the April Fool’s Joke brought to you by Google. While this may not be an actual thing as of yet, one can easily see how this could be in the future right? Who knows what the future holds but thanks for being good sport’s about this. From all of us at Everspark Interactive, “ Happy April Fool’s Day”. It’s now your turn to go trick someone)