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What’s New In The World of Google Meetup Recap – June 18th, 2014

Whats New In the World of Google 6-18-2014

Keeping on top of the latest happenings at Google and the entire SEO game can feel like a huge undertaking, but being in the know is essential. From the latest updates to the best practices for your site, what’s going on behind the doors at Google can have a huge impact on your website and your business. If you’re looking to learn more about what’s going on at the search engine giant, then EverSpark Interactive’s weekly What’s New In The World of Google Meetup is definitely for you. Held every Wednesday morning, you’ll walk away with a huge array of tips and tricks that will give you a leg up on your competition. The meetup is attended by professionals from every corner of business, and is open and free to all.

Please join us at our next meeting on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 from 8am – 9:30am. You can confirm your attendance by using the RSVP on the link below. Not sure you can make this week’s meeting? You can always catch up with our blog recap posts. This is also a great way to review previous meetups you may have attended, and investigate some of the issues covered further.

The meetup takes place at EverSpark Interactive’s offices located at:

6 Concourse Parkway
Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30328
T: 770-481-1766

RSVP here:

What’s New This Week:

Latching On To Barnacle SEO Tactics

For those of you who have regularly attended the meetups, you’ll already be familiar with‘s exceptionally helpful and always entertaining Whiteboard Friday videos. This week’s video, hosted by Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin, took on the idea of Barnacle SEO. Web marketing and grabbing on to those valuable search terms can be difficult, particularly if your competition is larger than you. However, by viewing your site more as a “barnacle” and attaching it to other large, fixed objects such as high-ranking sites, you can feel the benefits as the currents bring in clicks and users which eventually flow to your site. As people visit the top results for a particular search term, they will see your brand and website mentioned, linked to or talked about, thereby getting to know you without you having to spend thousands trying to rank for more difficult keywords. You can watch the entire whiteboard video here.

Rand lists the process as such:

  • Identify valuable keywords that are relevant to your site.
  • Create a list of the sites that are ranking well for those particular terms.
  • Note opportunities — for example, a competitor may not want to link to or mention you, however a valuable listings site could present a great opportunity.
  • Pursue & execute!

When people think about SEO, they think about ranking themselves. They often don’t think about attaching themselves to other sites. Even if none of these options are available to you, you should also think about heading towards social media, which can offer a lot of impact. Senior Account Manager at EverSpark, Rich Spaulding, made a very good point that this type of SEO is almost like the “if you can’t be ’em, join ’em” approach.

Jason Hennessey SEO ExpertEverSpark Principle, Jason Hennessey, went on to discuss ways that this style of SEO is used in-house. “I think it’s important to use this type of SEO tactic, as it gives you more brand exposure. Page rank and traffic will get passed along to your site. The top 100 results Google looks at as the most trustworthy, and the top 10 are the most valuable. Try looking up the results of a keyword search and look for opportunities. There is probably no chance that you can get a mention on a competitor’s site, but there will be opportunities other than that.”

Jason’s suggestions for hunting down great sites for barnacle SEO:

  1. Check to see if the sites offer nofollow or dofollow links. An easy way to do this is by using the SEOBook Toolbar, which is free to download. While obviously dofollow links are better because they pass on their page rank, it’s important to also embrace nofollow links as well. Not only does this look more natural to search engines, but nofollow links do pass on trust flow from Google. Trust rank is particularly important as it helps to establish page authority. Additionally, while page rank can be manipulated, it’s more difficult to do that with authority and trust.
  2. Use barometers such as Mozrank or Majestic SEO’s trustflow and citation flow, which can help you to see what the site’s domain value is.
  3. Try checking the Majestic Million, which is a list websites that have been deemed the most trustworthy. These make great targets for possible links and even social media interaction.
  4. Always be looking for advertising opportunities on the higher-ranked sites for your targeted keywords.

SMX Advanced Recap

If you’re not already familiar with the Search Marketing Expo, then it might be worth your while to give it a look. Hosting conferences all over the globe for search marketers, it’s an invaluable wealth of information for anyone involved in web marketing strategy. This past week saw the Advanced version of the show, which featured an SMX Liveblog, as well as a whole host of new announcements from search engine experts. One of the most unmissable elements of the conference was a You & A with Matt Cutts, Google’s Webspam guru, where SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan lead the charge on questions. You can read a full re-cap on Here’s a quick guide as to what some of the bigger announcements were:

  • There will be a Payday Loan Update released in the next week, which Matt Cutts referred to as Payday Loan 2.0, to help fight against spammy sites and search results.
  • Google is working on improving reconsideration requests. At present, members of the Web Spam Team can’t add anything to their responses to sites. This new update will allow the Analysts an opportunity to write additional comments and feedback. You can see a screen shot of a rejection notice with the new notes section below.
  • Web Master Tools is currently undergoing a wide variety of improvements, including fetch as Google, better robots.txt issue reporting, and helping make site moves easier.
  • Google is nearing getting IE8 referring data back.
  • Mobile is growing faster than anyone ever expected, and making it part of your plans should be a huge priority in the coming year.
  • Penalties can actually “time out.”
  • Webmasters will soon be able to “re-avow” a link.
  • Google is now showing warnings about 301 redirects to a mobile version of their site that goes to the homepage (i.e. a page you didn’t request).

What Does A Rejection Notice Actually Look Like?

If you’ve been lucky enough to never experience a penalty, or the joy of having to gather the information to recover from one, then chances are you’ve never seen what a rejection notice for a reconsideration request actually looks like. As discussed above, Google is working on giving further space to the Web Spam Team so they’re able to add notes and comments to the notice, thus helping the offending website with useful extra information so they’re better able to fix the issues. This screen shot is courtesy of SearchEngineLand.

Google New Reconsideration Request Notification

Google My Business

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of Google is the new Google My Business. This could be very helpful in allowing businesses to get listed on Google both quickly and easily. Although we’ll be discussing this in an upcoming meeting, including a full presentation of all of its capabilities, you can take a quick visual tour by visiting SearchEngineLand‘s great post on it.

Google My Business

 See The World, Drone-Style

Though drones are currently considered hugely evil thanks to popular shows such as the recent series of 24, Google appears to be getting in on the act by offering a Travel By Drone virtual and interactive map. Unlike the 3D maps currently on offer, these maps have actual footage of places around the globe. A pin will mark where drone footage is available, and you can simply click and fly to your heart’s content. Though most of us have gotten used to the sight of Google Street View cars in our neighborhoods, will the world feel the same about the drones? Only time will tell.

Chateau Rocher Travel By Drone

From Last Week

Lead PlayerDuring last week’s meetup, one of the biggest discussions was on the use of tools that could ask users for their email addresses in exchange for watching a complete video or continuing to read content. EverSpark’s Steve Miller mentioned that there was a great tool for that, but didn’t have the link to hand. If you’re still interested in looking into this, his favorite to use is LeadPlayer. Although there are alternatives out there, this is the one that Steve found to be the most compelling.