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What’s New In The World of Google Meetup Recap – July 2nd, 2014

July 2 2014 Whats New In The World of Google Meetup

If the world of SEO and the frequent Google updates have got you in a tailspin, you’re not alone. Professionals from all walks of life are realizing every day that SEO is a huge part of their marketing and website plans, and the smartest ones know that keeping on top of the trend is essential. Every week on Wednesday morning, EverSpark Interactive hosts their free meetup, What’s New In The World of Google, creating an open forum for professional folks from a multitude of industries to add to their own personal bag of SEO tricks and tips. From complete novices to seasoned pros, the meeting gives businesspeople a chance to ask questions and increase their knowledge base on the ever-shifting world of Google and search engines.

Please join us at our next meeting on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 from 8am – 9:30am. Please confirm your attendance by using the RSVP on the link below.  Even if you’re not positive you can make the meeting, you can always play a little catch up with our blog recap posts. This is also a great way to review previous meetups you may have attended, and investigate some of the issues covered further.

The meetup takes place at EverSpark Interactive’s offices located at:

6 Concourse Parkway
Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30328
T: 770-481-1766

RSVP here:

What’s New This Week:

The Google I/O Conference: What’s The News?

Google IO 2014Nerds united in the ultimate geek-out fest that is Google’s I/O Developer Conference 2014 last week. As expected, there were lots of announcements involving Android, wearable technology and Nest, Google’s smart home technology. If you didn’t manage to catch the keynote address from Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome, it’s well worth a watch.  Some of the biggest announcements included:

  • A New Google “L” update for Android, replacing the currently used KitKat update.
  • ART (Android Run Time, the heart of the operating system) will make Android run twice as fast.
  • Google’s material design is planning on taking “A new consistent design approach.”
  • Android TV will bring Smart TV & Android Games re-imagined for TV.
  • Android Auto will re-envision how Android will work with simplified interfaces and voice commands.
  • Google wearables will help to manage things you’ve normally relied on your phone for.
  • Android One will be available in India as of this fall, bringing low-cost smartphones to the marketplace for under $100.
  • Chromecast will become more customizable along with your Android phone or tablet.
  • Project Volta is currently undergoing studies to make Android phones more battery-life friendly.
  • Drive for Work is being introduced for business, allowing unlimited storage for as little as $10 per month, as well as giving employers a new way to track work patterns.

You can find out all about this and more on Tekzilla’s excellently abbreviated recap video below.

Sundar Pichai

Getting Fit, Google Style

If you’re like many smartphone users, you may already be using various apps to track your fitness. Currently on the market, there are apps that can allow you to track your food and calorie intake, measure how many steps you’ve taken that day, or even help to map out that particularly tough bike path that you’ve been putting off for weeks. At last week’s Google I/O Conference, Google previewed their new platform that will allow users to seamlessly share data between multiple sources, thus giving you a better idea of how your entire fitness stream is looking. Similar to Apple’s HealthKit, Google Fit can be used to combine workouts, nutritional information and weight management into one centralized location.

With partners such as Nike and Addidas already getting on board with this new platform, it’s only a matter of time before more start joining up with the Google Fit ecosystem. For an excellent recap of some of the clever things Google Fit can do, head over to Engaget’s article for a full run-down.

When Homes Get Smart: More On Google Nest

nestlogoSmart homes are becoming more than simply being able to turn the heat up in your house before you get home. With their Nest system, Google is now going further into your home than just your thermostat. Not only can Nest offer cost-saving measures for other areas of your home, but it can actually make you more aware of how you use your home. For example, one offering allows you to wear a band on your wrist which can alert Nest as to when you’re waking up and coincide it with correcting the temperature, turning on your coffee maker and even adjusting the lighting. Smoke and CO protection alarms can also access your lighting, using LED to cause the lighting in your home flash red to alert you and your family to evacuate the house. The possibilities are endless. For more on what you can currently do with a Nest system, take a look at what brands and items are currently working with Nest.

Though partners such as Whirlpool and GE are huge, the future looks bright for smart home technology with Nest’s Developer Program. By working with developers and programmers around the world, Google and Nest are giving birth to an idea that a smart home is more than just being able to turn things off and on remotely. While the idea is appealing for most, does this mean that in the near future our homes will be taking care of us instead of vice-versa?

Other Interesting Developments…

  • Google has recently developed a new website called to help publishers be compliant with European Union law. These laws state that you need to disclose to European users that you are tracking them with cookies. Not sure what cookies are or how they’re used? Have a look at this quick primer here.
  • The Right To Be Forgotten continues to send shockwaves through the online world, with some searches coming up with messages at the bottom of Google’s search screen that state “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe (you can see an example by clicking here). However, does this right actually extend to  Not unless the US government finds a way to make it so. Read more on Searchengineland‘s excellent post.
  • Speaking of the Right To Be Forgotten, a Canadian court recently ruled that Google would have to block a group of sites from their search engines. Though it’s unclear if they have done this, is it really possible to impose this kind of law on an otherwise borderless internet?
  • Google is now embracing graffiti and street art with its Art Portfolio. Check out who might be the next Banksy or Shepard Fairey by visiting Google’s StreetArt page.

Whiteboard Friday: Using Alerts To Your Advantage

If there’s one thing you should be watching on the internet every week, it would have to be the ultra-useful Whiteboard Friday’s put out by the fine folks at  This week, co-founder Rand Fishkin takes some time to explain the benefits of using email alerts. Running through eight different types of alerts you can set up, Rand gives you a step-by-step guide of how to use them to find link building opportunities for your own website. Though a still of the whiteboard is below for your reference, visit the Moz site to watch the full presentation of all the ways you can boost your SEO through simple alert systems.

Jason’s Top Tip

Jason Hennessey SEO ExpertHave you ever wondered how to get the most out of using Google search? There are many search commands that you’re likely missing out on that can help you more easily track down information, particularly when it comes to creating an SEO plan for your site or hunting down your competition. For example, if you use a search operator such as “related” by typing in:

You will find all the sites that are similar to You can do the same with your website to find your competition, or at least who Google considers your competition. Though you could spend hours hunting down all the various search operators on the internet, EverSpark Principle, Jason Hennessey, recommends picking up Google Power Search by Stephen Spencer. This book can give you an in-depth and advanced look at all the various queries you can use to find information.