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Google wants to know: What do you love?

Google has created a site called “What do you love?” at This site allows you to search anything and see an amalgamation of results from its numerous search resources.

What do you love?

Google has so many features, products, services and search engine resources to its name that it can be hard to keep track. This site allows you to search them all at once.

Testing it out

To test out, I decided to search something I REALLY love, even though it doesn’t always love me back: Pasta.

What do you love, 2?What do you love? 3

Here’s what I could find out about my favorite carbohydrate.

On Picasa, I could make a photo album about pasta. Via news, I could see all the latest headlines about pasta – this could really come in handy, since I check the news everyday waiting for the day that they announce that pasta actually helps you lose weight. I can also see other peoples’ pictures of pasta, plan pasta-related events, call someone to talk about pasta, organize a debate about it, find pasta patents, and explore a strand of spaghetti in 3D.

How is this useful?

First of all, where else can you find nearly every Google search feature in one place?

Though may not be exactly ground-breaking in terms of information gathering about pasta, but you can imagine how it might be helpful in other areas. Say you are trying to build your own car; if you search cars in on, you might get helpful information about patents, or seeing a car in 3D might give you a better idea of how to build one.

What do you love? 4

This information about cars could come in handy for someone who likes to build them as a hobby.

You can also find books from the Google Books database about cars, do a product search for car parts,  search cars on the go via Google mobile (clicking on this option takes you to a page instructing you on how to get to Google mobile, namely by entering into your phone’s browser and then searching there for what you love). You can also translate the word “cars” into any one of over 50 languages (okay, so this one may not help you actually build a car, but it is still cool). Start a discussion about the best ways to build cars, or use the maps function to find places that sell cars or car parts. Search car blogs for best ways to put together an engine, or “scour the earth” in 3D for cars around the world. You can also watch videos, via YouTube, about cars, or see the popularity of the vehicles over a certain period of time via Google trends.

On the left, you can even use Google Buzz to share your thoughts on what you have learned about cars, or you can tell your friends just how you plan to go about building your car via Google Buzz.

What’s the relevance to SEO?

There is no obvious connection between and Search Engine Optimization right now. However, it is likely that the location based searches that come up in the results are a) already inhabited by sites that have optimized for Google places or b) will do so as becomes more popular and people begin to search for exactly what they want. On any site where people are looking for something as specific as something they love, related websites will want to be able to show up on the results first. Obviously, it will take some time to study the effects of SEO on, but right now it’s definitely good for learning more about the things you love.