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Google Launches “Related” Toolbar

Google Related is a new innovation by Google that shows you relevant content that the search engine feels you will find useful – and it shows you as you search things online. If you download the Google Toolbar, you’ll see a small “Related” bar on the bottom of your screen. This Related portion of the toolbar provides maps reviews, videos and anything else having to do with the place you are searching. The Related Bar also gives you a new way to +1 information, via the Toolbar.

Google RelatedHere’s what Google has to say about this new feature of the Google Toolbar: “Whenever you’re navigating a new page, Google Related can display categories such as videos, news articles, maps, reviews, images, websites, and more. To preview a listed item or see additional items, just use your mouse to hover over different categories in the bar. For example, when you hover over a video link, the video pops up in a preview box and you can play the video directly on the page.”

Wait, What’s the Google Toolbar?

The Google Toolbar is simply a way to do internet searches faster. Here’s what the toolbar looks like:

Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar boasts many different features, including Google Instant, language translators, and more.

Toolbar Instant

This is a snapshot of Toolbar Instant, which shows popular search results that start with whatever letters you are typing. The results can change based on things you tend to search more often. Google comments that Toolbar Instant allows users to see relevant results quicker so that they spend less time having to search and more time surfing the site they are looking for. This contributes to Google’s effort to make the entire experience of using the internet faster.

And here is the example Google provides of just the Related portion of the Toolbar:

Google Related Example

Here’s how Google says you should configure the Related portion of the Toolbar: After downloading Google Toolbar, click the wrench icon, select “Use Google Related to discover interesting content about the pages you’re viewing” box on the Privacy tab and then save your changes.

And here are a couple of examples of real world search examples:


Media outlet’s website. The toolbar highlights popular news stories on the site, as well as related pages on the web. If there were videos related to this page, they would show up on the bar as well. You could actually watch those related videos from the toolbar.


Atlanta restaurant Six Feet Under’s website. Check  out the Related toolbar on the bottom. It shows reviews, related places, and a map of where this restaurant is located. Pretty cool!

Since Google Related is new, it doesn’t always appear. Some websites do not have enough information for Google’s new feature to access. However, if you visit a general information, news or other common English language site, it is likely that you will be able to access Google Related’s information.

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