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Google Launches Incredibly Helpful Mobile Page Speed Optimization Tool

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As part of our recent ongoing quest to help sites improve their SEO standing by improving UX, we would like to direct our readers to a new indispensable mobile speed-checker tool provided by the Google team.

Google has their own quest as of late to ensure that mobile website viewers have an optimal experience every time they search and click on results. The release of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm has shaken up the standing of search engine results page (SERP) rankings, boosting pages that offer a great experience while docking the visibility of pages that are decidedly mobile-unfriendly.

A large component of these new ranking factors stems from how quickly and cleanly a page loads in a mobile environment. Mobile users expect to get their information on the fly, Google says, which means that users who have to wait longer than three seconds for something to happen are likely to simply abandon the page and click on the next result.

This tendency means that Google’s new tool is not only helpful for optimizing SERPs appearances, but a site’s mobile UX on the whole as well. It even provides directed technical advice based on the code of the page itself. Expect to get into the habit of plugging your web page addresses into the tool as you improve your page’s coding to dramatically reduce load times — and SERP ranking — on mobile devices.

Getting by with a Little Help from Your Web Friends

Google’s tool launch is the latest in their efforts to enable transparency within their mobile ranking factors. Rather than make arbitrary rule changes with obtuse criteria, they instead provide websites the means to help themselves by testing and improving pages over time.

Of course, just because your page gets an excellent grade on their tool doesn’t mean that you automatically rank higher. The opposite may be the case as well: pages with poor load speed may still rank well given an absence of competition for the given query.

The way the tool works is simple. Anyone can plug in the URL of a page and receive feedback on its speed score on a scale from 1 to 100. Granular criteria of this test are displayed off to the side, with a pass/fail/needs improvement indicator based on each one. Site owners get such actionable feedback as “avoid landing page redirects,” “leverage browser caching” and “eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content.”

Such items pose specific pain points as well as the method of fixing them. One who is unfamiliar with the technical aspects of the feedback can often simply Google the phrase in question and make coding improvements to their page based on the topic.

For instance, “avoid landing page redirects” is a simple fix via reducing the number of differing URLs that redirect back to a single landing page.

Helping Your Site Stay Above Water on Mobile

tank a site’s SERPs ranking when it doesn’t comply with mobile-friendly expectations, then this new tool is a great way to get all the advance warning you need. You can also use it to get back in Google’s good graces should your site have major issues loading on devices.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, imagine if the Freys gave Robb Stark a chance to get divorced from his beautiful but dangerous foreign wife and instead marry to his homely, hefty, Frey bride, avoiding the Red Wedding catastrophe altogether. That’s the level of generosity Google is offering businesses and site owners alike. Never refuse a host’s benevolence, and consider the tool Google’s equivalent of bread and salt in their effort to spare sites from a grisly fate akin to the mobile Red Wedding. Ignore these graces, and the Lannisters just might send their regards anyways by tanking your mobile search visibility.

In matters like these, an SEO expert like EverSpark Interactive can help you come out the winner in the Game of SERPs to see your purse grow large and your online challengers cower before you. Learn more about our Atlanta SEO services by visiting our website or contacting us today.