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Google Focuses On Thought Innovation

“We rely often on intuition and always on insights.” This quote is trending on Twitter among search engine marketers and avid Google users. Of all the inspiring quotes in a new Google periodical called Think Quarterly, I’m finding this particular one is repeated (and re-tweeted) the most. Probably because it is totally believable that this is how Google operates. Some on Twitter even refer to this as “Google’s secret sauce.”

Think Quarterly

As I mentioned above, the quote comes from an entry in Google’s new Think Quarterly. More specifically, it comes from an article called “The Eight Pillars of Innovation” by Susan Wojcicki. In this article, Wojcicki provides us with another gem of wisdom, which we should certainly all heed both in business and in life: “Strive for continual innovation, not instant perfection.” Google Focused on Thought Innovation Which brings me into my real lead-in for this blog post: you may be wondering what’s new with Google these days. With most blogs discussing the ins and outs of Google +, there hasn’t been much discussed about what else is new on the Google front. Well, today Google reminded those who are just coming out of the Google + haze and back into the real world that the company has other stuff going on. Yes, Google is first and foremost a search engine; however, we are reminded today that Google is also a large company that leads an entire industry of search mavens and technology buffs. It is a company that is constantly inspiring and being inspired by anything and everything, and – sometimes we forget this part because as SEOs, SEMs, and bloggers we are busy debating the viability of different Google products – Google is a company that is constantly innovating, changing and advancing the vast landscape of the internet for the better. On its official blog, Google announced its newest intellectual innovation (which officially launched this morning). This is basically a place to go where you can find research and insights gathered from leaders in the technology and search engine industries. Here’s what Google has to say about Think Quarterly:

“It’s intended to be a snapshot of what Google and other industry leaders are thinking about and inspired by today. The first edition focuses on the broad concept of “innovation” and provides some perspectives on how it’s possible to simultaneously lead and change the direction of an industry.”

This seems like an informative and interesting new idea. We’ll just have to see if Google can be as successful in the publishing sector as it has been in everything else.

Some Other Highlights From the First Issue of Think Quarterly

“We are, literally, more creative than ever.”

“You could be dull in another era. Not this one.”

“Today we can voyage to the surface of Mars or the depths of the ocean without ever leaving our couches.”

“Clients have the perception that the bigger you are, the worse you get,” he admits. “We try and break that down. Innovation is the ability to differentiate.”

“It’s a new generation of extraordinary objects – flying robot penguin balloons, quadrocopters that can play tennis, Wi-Fi rabbits that tell you the weather.”

High Praise for #ThinkQuarterly on Twitter

“In love with #thinkquarterly from @google. just gorgeous.”

“More great stuff this month: reshaping the worlds of business, media, art and activism: #google #ThinkQuarterly

“Slowing Down to Savor the Data- Google takes a stab at publishing with e-zine #ThinkQuarterly

“#ThinkQuarterly, from Google just launched. Looks gorgeous. Makes for great Sunday morning reading:

  It seems like many of those discussing Think Quarterly on Twitter approve. I can see why. The design is really well done, the insights well thought-out, and the inspiration free-flowing. Connect with us on Twitter! Follow @EverSparkSEO

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