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Two Google Features We Find Interesting Today

Well, Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, and as such we are busy looking up travel arrangements as well as planning our leisurely activities. Two features we have found very helpful in these endeavors are Google’s “Best Guess” (one of Google’s best kept secrets, in my opinion) and Google Maps Check-Ins.


Best Guess

When we were thinking about leisure and down time for this upcoming long weekend, we thought of a movie we have been dying to know the specifics about: The Tree of Life. Having not heard anything about its release date lately, we turned to Google and found this:

google-best-guess-featureThis feature has seemingly been available for months, but does not show up for a lot of queries. If Google does not have enough sources (it mostly uses Wikipedia) to make a guess, it won’t make one. There’s no real consistent pattern as to what will show up with a Best Guess and what won’t. We’re just happy it showed up for this, so that we could learn more about it!

Google Maps Check-In

Since the Tree of Life movie was only released to a limited audience in May (note that Google’s guess was accurate), the next obvious step is to plan a trip. And with Google Maps, extra steps are eliminated:


Who needs Expedia or Orbitz when you can see reviews, rates AND check dates of availability right on the Google Maps interface?

Once again, Google has blown us away with its ability to provide online capabilities that fulfill varying needs. From satisfying our curiosities to helping us seamlessly book our travel plans, Google has provided us with easy and quick access.

In Other Google News…

In a previous post, “The Day Has Finally Arrived: Plus One and Plus Merge” I discussed the impending launch of a + and +1 integration. Well, today’s the day it all happens for real! Now, everyone can Share information on their Google + profiles straight from the +1 button. Further, inline annotations and +Snippets are also going to become available.

More Information

For more information about Google innovations, Google Maps, or Search Engine Optimization in general, visit our daily blog to read news that we find important. For more information about developing your site’s organic SEO strategy or for advice having to do with questions that are more specific to your business or website, contact  our Atlanta SEO company at 770-481-1766.



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