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Google expands user search capabilities

Google is rolling out a lot of new features in the coming days in what seems like an effort to make the internet a more interactive place. After creating Instant Pages, the search engine is enabling image and voice searches.

Google expands user search capabilities

Search by Image

Google’s recent announcement that we will soon be able to search with images was shocking and exciting at the same time. The idea that you can snap a photo and search its contents is cutting edge; even cooler, you can search an image you see on the internet and want to know more about.

Google expands user search capabilities2

Though it hasn’t fully rolled out yet, you can test out image search here. When you want to use Google Images, you have three options. You can drag and drop the image into the search box. Second, you can click the little camera in the corner and either paste the image’s URL or upload it to Google from your computer.

Maybe you are at an art museum and take a picture of an obscure piece of art. Snap a photo, upload it to Google, and voila! You have instant knowledge about the work. According to Google, you can even use Google Images to identify landmarks in personal vacation pictures.

Google expands user search capabilities3

Numerous results come up for image searches.

According to Google, the Search by Image feature will be available in 40 languages, and the next step will be Chrome and Firefox extensions that bypass any dragging, uploading, or pasting: you will be able to simply right click to identify any image on the internet.

Voice Search

Has your inability to spell made Google searches take forever? First, you have to type in your misspelled query, and then you have to wait for the search results to come up before you can see Google’s correction in the form of, “Did you mean…” Well, worry no more! Google Voice Search is here!

If you are a Chrome user, then you are one of the lucky ones who get to experience Google’s new Voice Search. A microphone will show up in the Google search box (where the camera was for Google Images) and you will be able to click on this microphone and use your desktop’s microphone to speak your search. This way, you don’t have to worry about spelling “spaghetti” or “definitely” (that one always gets me) – you can simply say what you are looking for, and you will quickly get your results. Google has even programmed Voice Search to understand common turns of phrase. Hopefully this clever feature will roll out into the mainstream soon, but for now, check it out Chromers!

So what?

As Google continually evolves, we have to stay abreast of all changes and strategize about how to best optimize for each. In the future, who knows, SEOs could be learning to optimize for spoken phrases instead of written keywords. Or, perhaps there will be popular images to optimize for in the near future.

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